Sweet Summer Skirts From Rosemary’s Cuppa

Every now and then I come across and Etsy shop which makes me oooh and ahhh out loud. Rosemary’s Cuppa is definitely one of those shops and once you browse through her adorable little pint-sized skirts, you might just be ooohing and ahhhing along with me!

Made in Bloomington, Indiana, by the oh so talented Abra Clampitt, each skirt from Rosemary’s Cuppa is a delight to behold and is sure to make a statement each time they’re donned by your petite fashionista. The colours and designs are bright, eye-catching and completely cute!

Some of these handmade beautiful are crafted with carefully selected vintage fabrics and have excellent names, like the Fill Me Up Buttercup or the Driving Miss Paisley pocket skirts! I think you might find the price tags rather inviting as well!

Check out Rosemary’s Cuppa online.