Little Star Clothing: Etsy’s Beautiful Vintage-Style Summer Wear For Kids

Like many others I know so well, I can easily spend hours upon hours sifting through handmade and vintage goodies on Etsy. It has a little bit for everyone. This morning while searching for some cute boy clothes, I came upon Little Star Clothing, which features both boy and girl clothing.

Little Star Clothing is based in Melbourne, Australia and was started up by a mother of two girls, and dressmaker. The clothing line features really classic styles and materials, as well as some more trendy pieces.

I absoloutely adore every piece in this collection, from the eyelet dress, to the 50’s style boy’s shirts. All the fabric seems super light-weight as well, which is perfect for the summer.

An additional note on Little Star Clothing – her blog features some tips and tutorials, so don’t miss that, and visit her Etsy shop to view the complete line.