Make Your Blog Into A Book And Turn It Into A Permanent Keepsake!

My journey with blogging began many years ago. Four years and four months ago to be exact. I lived far from my entire family when I welcomed my first child and circumstances made it difficult to keep in touch with my family during his early moments, (he was a preemie and spent a couple of weeks in the hospital.)

My saving grace turned out to be Blogger. I started a blog which was pretty foreign to me at the time, and made updates to keep everyone in the loop. Now, four years and an additional child later, the blog is jam packed with memories and photos.

I was overjoyed when I learned of Blurb‘s service BookSmart. Using BookSmart which is free software, you can very simply upload your blog from your blogger host and create a book in many qualities, layouts. It is so nice to have a hardcopy of all the memories and not have to worry about losing them all at the drop of a hat, (I can’t be the only one who is terrible at scrapbooking/photo albums can I?!)

There are more affordable options, and more high quality expensive ones, but there is definitely something for everyone.

Check out Blurb‘s website to learn details of how to save your memories.

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