Sleep Easy With The MagicSleep iPhone App

Despite my best my efforts, my two year old is, and always has been, an incredibly light sleeper. Combine this with the fact that our tiny wartime home is hardly soundproof, and you’ve got the makings of some very restless nights!

Thankfully, while browsing around on my iPhone a little while ago, I came across the MagicSleep app — what a lifesaver! This neat application has helped soothe my daughter (and myself!) into some very peaceful slumbers.

Here’s what the creators have to say about their product:

“MagicSleep is an incredibly effective sleep aid for infants and toddlers, and works equally well for adults. Based on our most primal memories, MagicSleep recreates the sounds inside the womb using the most advanced psychoacoustic sound sources, convolution reverb processing, and digital signal processing. The effect is immediate and profound – babies, children, and adults fall asleep faster and more deeply.”

You can purchase the app for just $3.99. Worth EVERY penny! (Just remember to pop your iPhone into airplane mode to avoid waking baby with an ill-timed text or tweet!)