Get Swooping With Swoop Bags!

If it’s true that necessity is the mother of invention, then it’s no wonder this mother’s invention is on its way to becoming a necessity in every home where toy tidy time could use a little assistance!

The original idea for the Swoop bag was handed down through a line of mothers (love this!), til the design was perfected into “the ultimate toy bag and playmat in one”! The brilliantly designed bag lays flat for playtime, then cinches up quickly to be carried away for clean up. I think I’ve tried the same with a blanket on the floor, but this is a much more stylish idea!

Made from sturdy 100% cotton canvas, this easy to clean contraption is perfect for all of those pesky little toys that we’ve all (ouch!) stepped on countless times — Lego, stuffed animals, toy cars, you name it! With a 44″ diameter, there’s plenty of room for play and pick-up — all with a quick SWOOP!

Available (in 6 different fun colours) for just $45 at swoopbags.com… a small price to pay for happy toes that haven’t been mangled by stray Lego blocks!