Stay Cool This Summer With These Gorgeous Summer Maternity Dresses

Diamond Lattice Dress - Anthropologie - $158.00

The warm weather is teasing us up in Canada and throughout parts of the United States, but in reality, lazy days of summer are just around the corner and soon will be here to stay.

I have only been heavily pregnant once in the summer months and only up until May, but those few days of heat exposed me to a world where I was relieved I would be able to avoid. Being pregnant can already be extremely uncomfortable towards the end, let alone adding heat and the swollen ankles and feet that may go along with it.

Today, for our pregnant readers, I am rounding up a list of my favourite stylish maternity dresses for the summer to help you battle the heat while continuing to look stylish.

White Eyelet Sundress – Cherry Pie Vintage – $150

The beauty of Etsy is that most of the time the clothing you order is custom, and this dress is no exception. It is a gorgeous example of my latest obsession, cotton embroidered eyelet fabric.


Old Navy – Maternity Flower Graphic Tank – $29.50 (Available in 2 colours)

Pair this under a set of leggings and you are all set in comfort and style. Also Old Navy has quite a few cute dresses, some of which you would expect to find in thrift store. I love it!


Aspect Ratio Dress – Anthropologie – $298

Anthropologie truly has something for everyone. Their collections are so versatile that they have been given two spots up here on the list. They are not actually maternity dresses, but both would easily work, and are amazing. Doesn’t this dress scream Angelina Jolie?


Sleeveless Ruffle Front Maternity Dress – A Pea In The Pod – $105

Like many of you I am sure, I am obsessed with stripes! It is difficult however, to find a maternity dress that has just the right stripes to flatter in all the right places. This dress, for me, is the one. Throw a cardigan over it and you are ready for a night out.


Top Shop UK – Pink Vintage Rose Print Dress – £46

This gorgeous piece speaks volumes, I believe, about what fashion is all about right now; vintage, romantic, and anything goes. It appears almost every fashion collection you see is incorporating some element of this to make beautiful clothes that are wearable by all. If I was pregnant I would be scooping this baby up fast! (Free worldwide shipping!)

Heidi Oran

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  1. April Lara

    May 17, 2011 at 7:17 am

    Those are really gorgeous maternity dresses and it looks like that those dresses can still be worn even after pregnancy.

  2. Maternity Dresses

    June 9, 2011 at 4:48 am

    There looks to be some lovely dresses there, really unique and gorgeous styles. Maternity Dresses are great in the summer to keep cool and there are some lovely ones there for casual and formal occassions.

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