YBIKE Pewi: The Perfect Choice For Your Child’s First Bike!


My daughter Anna is constantly in motion. At 21 months old she has an energy that continually astonishes me! She loves to run, but recently her attention has turned to her older peers cruising around on bikes. Wanting to allow Anna to pursue her interest, I started to look around for her first bike.

My daughter is average height for her age, and because of this, my search to find a tricycle or bicycle that would fit her frame was unsuccessful. Her inability to touch the ground on most cycles has frustrated her to no end. I did buy a foot propelled ride on toy for her, but after one tour around our house, she had no interest and was off to do something else. Also, with low quality wheels and limited ability to turn, Anna would often struggle to propel the vehicle, or would drive herself into an object and be unable to navigate her way out due to the insufficient steering mechanisms. I also found that the amount of noise and marks on my flooring from these bikes began to get on my nerves!

Based on this experience, I must say I was a little sceptical when I was asked to review the YBIKE Pewi. The YBIKE Pewi is designed for children aged 9 to 36 months. It is designed by Chrome Cherry Design Studio in South Africa, and is created with high quality aluminum tubing and injection moulded parts. It can be used as a walker for younger children, and when their motor skills improve, a ride on toy. The YBIKE Pewi’s wheels can swivel 360 degrees and provide an infinite range of directions for little legs to propel.

When the YBIKE package arrived at my door, I was extremely surprised at how small and light the box was. I was intrigued – what would it look like finished?

Because of the smart design of the YBIKE Pewi, assembly was complete within minutes; very simple and contemporary looking. Now came the real test. My daughter immediately ran toward the bike and easily mounted the seat. To my amazement, her legs propelled the bike effortlessly around my living room. The bike easily turned and swivelled around objects due to the amazing wheels – no more frustrating toddler road blocks!

The ride seemed to be exceptionally smooth and to my delight there were no marks left on the floor. The YBIKE definitely rides better on our hard-surfaced floors. Even our low pile carpet was a bit too slow for my daughters liking!

Honestly, my daughter really loves this bike and the vibrant colour of her “ride”, a beautiful bright red! She no longer lives in envy of her older friends, and I no longer spend my afternoons trying to remove scratches from my floor. The YBIKE Pewi is also great outdoors on smooth surfaces.

Overall this is a fabulous product that I wish I had discovered earlier. This one bike will last for over 2 years of your child’s development (up to 44lbs), from walker to ride on. It is super chic, the wheels glide effortlessly, it is light weight and very sturdy, it turns in all directions, and comes in great colors. If your child is on the move as much as mine, which I’m sure they are, you will not regret buying the YBIKE Pewi!

Price: $49.95 from Amazon.com

*Thank you to YBIKE for sending us a sample for review.*

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