I remember riding my bike every single day in the Spring and Summer when I was little, but would often ditch my huge, unsightly helmet as soon as I was out of my mother’s eyesight. Perhaps if I’d had a more stylish brain bucket, like the Little Nutty from Nutcase Helmets, I would have been more inclined to keep it on my noggin!

Available in a number of different styles, the Little Nutty is a perfect fit for heads which are 46 to 52cm, or 18″ to 20 1/2″ in circumference, and are certified for biking safety by the US CPSC.

The helmet features 8 vents for supreme air circulation, reflective logos on the front, back and sides, an anti-pinch magnetic buckle allowing for one-handed operation and an adjustable spin dial to help you achieve a snug fit! The Little Nutty also comes with a cute “Love Your Brain” wrist band, so that your little ones can let their friends know just how important bike safety is!

Visit Nutcase Helmets online, and be sure to check out their Facebook page! You can also follow @nutcasehelmets on Twitter.

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  1. I am missing the new designs like pop bullseye in this blogpost. Nutcase brings out new designs all the time and they are getting better and better! I will get myself one of these new spinDial helmets soon as my head does not fit into the normal sized helmets.

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