Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas Fit For A Superhero!

Vintage inspired cupcake toppers – 3 Sweet P’s

Free download for the vintage inspired cupcake topper


Next weekend my youngest child will celebrate his 3rd birthday, and like most young boys, he lives and breathes superheroes. After my 4-year-old’s last minute birthday party (we were quite ill right before it,) I have felt compelled to kick-it-up-a-notch, so to speak, and attempt to go all out with decorations and really try to allow my kids to feel like they are superheroes for a day.

My searches for fun and exciting ideas have led me to many unique and handmade products, which I hope will help inspire you and allow you to set your child up for a day of fun.


Vintage Superhero Party Invitations – Anders Ruff

Printable invitations that are inspired by the classic superhero cartoons of the 1960’s


20-Pack of Superhero capes - Pip & Beans -

Every kid gets to be a superhero!


Superhero Party Collection Printables – Bird’s Party Shop

Personalized and quick, such a great idea for moms who need a little help in the craft department like myself.


Superhero Party – The Party Dress

Arguably the most impressive superhero birthday party I have seen. The details that this mom put into her sons party are amazing.


Superhero control box – Bright Eyes + Blue Eyes

A fun and simple craft for all ages


Superhero Backdrop for photos and play – Domestic Charm (photo by Melissa Young)

Heidi Oran

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