Glug Collection: Summer Fashions For Boys & Girls

Spring has sprung, and it’s time for your children to switch over to their spring/summer wardrobe. This usually means purchasing many new items, since the odds of them fitting into something from last year are slim to none. Luckily, designers have become masters at making both parents and children happy when it comes to fashion, and Glug Collection is a great example.

Glug Collection’s Spring/Summer 2011 line is now available, and the company has created a wide selection of boys and girls clothing that are fun and bold. Glug started out back in 2003 as a graphic t-shirt company, and they have clearly mastered the art of making clothing that is eye-catching.

My favourite piece in the collection is the purple dress with teal coloured birds. I am drawn to the silhouette of the birds, and love the unexpected colour combination. The dress screams carefree, which is how a childhood summer should be. Gorgeous!

To view Glug’s entire Spring/Summer 2011 collection, visit their website.