Aquaventure At Atlantis The Palm: The Largest Water Park In All Of Dubai

Did you know that Aquaventure at Atlantis, The Palm is the largest and most dynamic water-themed attraction in all of Dubai?

Offering thrilling water slides, non-stop water play and river adventures, Aquaventure waterscape contains 18 million litres of fresh water used to power seven thrilling waterslides, a 2.3 kilometre river ride with tidal waves and pools, water rapids and white water chargers.

By using the latest technology, Aquaventure can use up to 750,000 litres per minute to create waves with swells reaching almost 1 metre high and incredible water surges. Guests can experience the lushly landscape waterscape without ever having to leave the inner tubes as the water escalators carry participants up slide towers and down rapids.

The Ziggurat is the centrepiece of Aquaventure, reaching 30 metres into the sky and features seven heart-pumping water slides including:

  • The Leap of Faith with its daring 27.5 metre near-vertical drop propelling body surfers through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon and ultimately out into the sunshine and plunge pool below. This is the tallest, fastest free fall slide in the entire Middle East, dropping over 9 storeys in mere seconds.
  • Shark Attack begins 13 metres up the Ziggurat, spinning riders on one- or two-person inner tubes into the blackness of the tower’s mysterious core before emerging through the shark-filled lagoon at a leisurely ‘shark-viewing’ pace.
  • Stinger, The Falls, Shamal and The Surge are all inner tube slides using innovative technology to create a water roller coaster propelling riders up and down on jets of water throughout the Aquaventure waterscape.

If you are looking for a little more action, The Torrent is a wave river of 700 metres. Through a unique wave generator, simulated waves are capable of swells reaching over 1 metre high at over 94,000 litres per minute that propels riders in their inner tubes along the course of the river on the wave crests.

If you are into more of a gentle swim, Atlantis has designed Splashers, a water playground featuring elaborate water games, slides and structures, providing a world of thrills and lots of water spills for children less than 1.2 metres – and their parents.

There are also two pools, the Royal Pool (a more serene experience) and the Zero Entry Pool for a more energetic experience – perfect for families and a beautiful 1.4 km of white sand beach.

Makes me wish I was in Dubai right now!! 🙂