Paper Cranes For Japan Goes Viral & Raises $500,000

We announced Osh Kosh’s participation in this fantastic campaign last month, but the idea seems to have spread even larger than that with kids around the world creating over 1,000,000 paper cranes for Japan! Although they had hoped to create 100,000 cranes, the goal was exceeded when the hard-working volunteers at Students Rebuild counted the one millionth crane, dramatically exceeding the goal and inspiring a $400,000 donation to rebuild schools from the Bezos Family Foundation and $100,000 from an anonymous donor.

Every state in the U.S. participated, 8 provinces in Canada and 36 countries around the world including students in Haiti, who folded hundreds of cranes for Japan during the groundbreaking of a newly reconstructed school in Port au Prince.

The challenge was simply to mail in an origami crane, and with each crane received DoSomething.org would match it with $2 to help rebuild in Japan by the Bezos Family Foundation. The goal was 100,000 cranes, however after 29 days, the crane count exceeded 500,000, and the Bezos Family Foundation decided to double its gift to reflect and further support the outpouring of generosity from young people across the world to help their peers in Japan and to make a difference.

Inspired by the commitment of the Bezos Family Foundation and outpouring of support from children worldwide, an anonymous donor has contributed an additional $100,000. However, the boxes kept coming — another 500,000 cranes worth!

“Paper Cranes for Japan perfectly illustrates the power of the online community to create offline action,” says Betsy Fast, editor in chief of Dosomething.org. “It was crucial to give the campaign a virtual home, so that young people worldwide could share their wishes of support and uploaded photos, and, most importantly, see those of their peers. It will live on long after the last crane is mailed in.”

Students Rebuild hopes to find additional donors to transform this initiative into $1M for 1M cranes.