New York’s Coney Island Welcomes New Roller Coasters For The First Time Since 1927

Exciting news for New York City! Coney Island celebrated a milestone on Wednesday during their on-going renovation process and welcomed two new roller coasters for the first time since the infamous Cyclone was built in 1927.

In 2009, the City of New York re-zoned Coney Island and invested over $150 million to help update and renovate the crumbling infrastructure. Last year, the city opened Luna Park, which attracted over 450,000 people in the summer.

“Last summer was Coney Island’s biggest in nearly a half century, and this year — with the addition of the first new roller coasters since the Cyclone opened in 1927 — it’s going to be even bigger,” New York City Mayor Bloomberg said on Wednesday.

The Soarin’ Eagle and Steeplechase roller coasters are the new additions to Coney Island’s brand new multimillion dollar Scream Zone theme park that just opened on Wednesday. These new developments have many people relieved and excited as it has turned an edgy neighborhood into a now family-friendly tourist attraction.

Source: Reuters