Letterpress Announcements Stand Out From The Crowd


In the recent months, I have gained a new obsession: letterpress announcements and invitations. So very relevant to my life, as it seems that I always know someone who is seeking out such items for the birth of their baby, or an upcoming first birthday party.

There are many many phenomenal artists out there, and the craft of letterpress, which dates back to the 15th century but has become much less used since the second half of the 20th century appears to be back in a big way.

Creating the work itself is more time consuming than your standard digital announcements of today, and the results are astounding. Classy and original are two words which come to mind when thinking of letterpress announcements, and I am pleased to share with you a roundup of some of my favorite handmade announcements.


Mattson CreativeStudio On Fire


Elf Letterpress


Elum Designs


The Hungry Workshop


Ruby Victoria Letterpress & Printmaking