Movie Review: The Chronicles Of Narnia – The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

By Danika Gravelle

If you are looking for a great Easter Family movie to watch over the weekend, we’ve found it! The third installment of the Chronicles Of Narnia series – The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader was just released in stores a couple of weeks ago and is an all-round winner – perfect for family movie night. Filled with excitement, adventure and character building, this movie is our pick for must-see this holiday weekend!

Our review:

It seems as the talent pool for actors is diminishing as time goes by, or maybe, every so often there just happens to be one that shines superior above the rest? Whatever the reasoning, Eustace (Will Poulter) stole the show and my heart in this Narnia film. His story begins as a prideful, sniveling, irritating tattle-tale. He makes you want to slap him and put him in a headlock, scene one. The fact that Edmund and Lucy restrain themselves shows great character on their parts.

My husband has never been a Narnia fan, like the kids and I are, but he said The Dawn Treader was the best one yet. Overall, this film took the major elements of the book and did very well condensing them into a feature length film. It was fun comparing notes with the children as to how it compared to the book and what was going to happen next. What was added or changed due to the creative license of the producers were not too outrageous to alter C.S. Lewis‘ original intent for the story.

There were many Christian principles woven into the fabric of the movie. Each character had his own fears or vain fancies to face in the journey, and although they were on the Dawn Treader as one, there were times when each had to stand alone and by faith, conquer those fears. Lucy doubting her personal value; Edmund’s lust for power; Eustace’s ignorance of his destiny and purpose and Prince Caspian’s fear of disapproval of his father made us look within ourselves and recognize our own weaknesses.

Each of us could relate with one or more of the characters and their personal battles, temptations and what hope filled our hearts as the characters we grew to love ultimately discovered their value and purpose in conquering that darkness.

Overall, we highly recommend The Voyage of the Dawn Treader as a quality film the entire family can enjoy. Get ready to fall in love with a rat, a sniveling whiner, and a Righteous Lion again and again.

*Thank you to Twentieth Century Fox for sending us this movie for review!*