Pencil Shaving Necklaces: Jewelry Inspired By School-Days

It is not very often as an adult that I use pencils. In my youth however, I did like most, and spent many years shaving pencils. Looking back, I clearly remember the catharsis that came along with zoning out for just a moment and twisting out one relatively intact shaving. Of course it went directly in the trash,  but just for a moment things were quiet in my mind.


Designer Victoria Mason has perfectly captured this moment in her new line of Pencil Shaving Necklaces. The line, which is featured exclusively at Oye Modern, is handmade using sterling sliver. The detail is exquisite, and the pieces are definitely a conversation starter.

Mason, who is based in Melbourne, Australia, has always had a penchant for turning everyday items into a work of wearable art. In her current line of Pencil Shaving Necklaces, the designer has picked five traditional colours, white, green, blue, yellow, and red to represent the pencil. All gorgeous and perfectly selected.

Visit Oye Modern to view Victoria Mason’s Pencil Shaving Necklaces and other quirky household-inspired jewelery.