The Coolest Tea Bags For Kids!

I wasn’t planning on dedicating a post to tea bags, in fact, the thought didn’t even occur to me until I laid eyes upon these super cool ones from Germany! You see, my girls are tea fanatics! I don’t allow them to drink any caffeinated varieties, but the fruity and herbal teas are huge in our house. Using my Bodum French Press, I usually go through 2 pots a day between the two of them.

Designed by Donkey Creative Lab, these fruit flavored teas come in sets of 5 and offer a fun and humorous way for your kids to enjoy their tea. Each cardboard animal is attached to the top of the tea bag and leans against the rim of a tea cup, allowing the leaves to brew and making it look as if the zoo animal is having a bath in your cup.

Cute doesn’t come cheap and these are more of a treat item then an everyday one. A pack of 5 will run you €7.95 from Donkey Products.