Jeeto! Allergy Patches Are A Life Saver For Kids!

Childhood allergies appear to be much more prevalent these days. I know of a few of parents who are facing the challenge of having a child who could become seriously ill if they come into contact with a certain food, and many more who have children with intolerances, not full out allergic reactions.

Since we cannot always be with our children to shield them from the potential allergen, there are options out there to help parents and caregivers get the message out.

Jeeto!, a Los Angeles based design company with an eye for detail has taken this project on and created retro inspired Allergy Patches for items such as backpacks and clothing.  The incredibly detailed patches, which are made in small batches and are not mass produced feature sayings such as, “No Fish Please,” “Dairy Free,” and “Gluten Free,” which includes a list of common items that are not gluten-free. Very clever and informative!

The 3″ round patches are have a heat seal back for easy application, and can be sewn on easily as well. One of the best things about the company, Jeeto! is that they donate a portion of all sales to Food Allergy Aware research.

Great to see a company who is filling a gap in the market that is clearly necessary and doing good at the same time.

You can find Jeeto! patches and other items at one of the many locations that carry them here, or online on Jeeto!’s website.