Grevi Debuts Their New Luxury Hemp & Straw Hats For Kids

We’ve showcased their straw bags before, but never their hats. For Spring 2011 Grevi has definitely brought some gorgeous designs to the forefront with their latest collection for kids. Now if you are thinking straw hats as in cheap farmer style hats, you would be quite wrong! These are luxurious in quality and the price definitely reflects that as well!

Each one of these hats are handmade in Italy using traditional methods and specialized workmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation.  If only such quality didn’t have to come with such a high price tag! Prices range from $91-$200!

If your budget allows and you simply can’t live without one of these beauties I’ve listed the details of each from top left and across:

1. The Grevi Girls Straw Hat with Pink Flowers is a stunning hat with a small peak on the front. Flowers in cream, toffee brown, pink and yellow cover the brim.

2. A unisex choice would be the Grevi Straw Trilby Hat with Brown Strap made from 100% hemp.

3. The beautiful Ivory Flower Hat turns things around, switching the straw hat for a brim instead.

4. Another unisex option is the Grevi Straw Trilby Hat in White with a brown strap. It is also made from 100% hemp.

5. The Pink Flower hat is the same as #3, but in a different colour. I love those taffeta roses and grosgrain ribbons!

6. Last but not least is the Grevi Straw Hat in Ivory. Same as #1, different colour

Lots of stunning choices! Each one can be found through our affiliate Childrensalon.