Livingstones Rock Pillows: Soft Forms, Simple Lines & Beautiful Design Made From Eco-Friendly Materials

There is something so soothing about these gorgeous pillows! Livingstones are soft pillows that have been designed and shaped to resemble stones and rocks. Smarin is the distributor of these beautiful objects, each of which have been designed by the incredible Stéphanie Marin, a designer who gains inspiration from nature, molding, and forming soft forms and simple lines in a way that mimics those very forms we find in our environment.

Stéphanie has found a way to bring pieces of nature into our homes with eco-friendly design, all of which are created in France. I think these would make a beautiful addition to any eco-friendly home, or natural design. How cool would these look in daycares or child-centers ?

Each stone is unique and shaped differently from one another. They range in sizes from 6 inches to 6.6 feet. Love!

For more information, visit Smarin Design.