Organize Your Child’s Books & Toys Alphabetically With The Aakkoset Bookshelf

Organization is something some people excel at and other’s… not so much. I fall in the latter unfortunately. While I try my hardest to keep things as neat as I possibly can, life gets in the way sometimes and I admit I’m not as well organized as I should be.

The Aakkoset bookshelf by Lincoln Kawaiya is officially the coolest bookshelf I have ever laid eyes on! Standing nearly six feet (or two metres) tall, it is a fare size and would definitely make a statement piece in your child’s playroom or bedroom. Not only can you organize books, toys and knick knacks alphabetically, there is a blank spot near the bottom where you sticky notes, to do lists or family photos can be placed. It is also a fabulous way for children to learn and memorize their ABCs!

While it is definitely THE coolest bookshelf for kids that I have ever come across, the price is a doozy! I thought they made a typo when i checked it out, but no $29,600 is the price! If you have some cash to blow – or if you’ve won the lottery and don’t know what else to spend it on – this may be a good option ;).

The Aakkoset bookself is available in eight bright and beautiful colors and can be ordered directly from Kawiya.