Fly By The Soles Of Your Feet With Wings For Your Shoes!

It’s a bird, no it’s a plane – it’s Super Kid!

Smallfly on Etsy has designed these genius lace-on wings and lightening bolts that are designed to fit any child’s shoe and can even adapt to small adult sizes. If your child is a Superhero fan, they are sure to go crazy over these wickedly cool accessories. The nice thing about them is you can remove or attach depending on whether you feel like ‘conquering the world’ or not.

The Superhero lightning bolts are available for shoes with laces as well as with ones that have the hook and loop closures!

If these have you sighing to yourself wondering why kids have all the fun, don’t fret, custom orders are available for larger feet. 😉

Price: $17-$24.00 through Smallfly.