Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Offers New Meet-And-Greet With Mickey Mouse & The Princesses!

For the first time ever, Disney is offering their FASTPASS Service for a character meet-and-greet with Mickey Mouse and his friends at Walt Disney World Resort. Parents, kids and guests of all ages can now go backstage at Town Square Theater in WDW for autographs and photos without having to wait or stand in a queue.

Previously known as Town Square Exposition Hall, the Town Square Theater presented by Kodak has since been re-done as a “turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century theater” where Mickey Mouse reigns as the star of a magic show! Glistening marquee with gold-leaf trim and sparkling lights, lush curtains with gold rope tie-backs, polished brash chandeliers and huge tile floor mosaics beckon and invite guests into the hub.

Once you enter the lobby, there is the option to meet Magician Mickey Mouse or Disney princesses who have relocated to this area especially for the meet-and-greet during the new Fantasyland construction.

Mickey’s meet-and-greet experience begins when magical posters featuring Mickey’s various magic acts come to life, he then greets guests in a rehearsal room environment with steam trunks, stage props and posters surrounding a classic backstage area.

The Princesses on the other hand, greet guests in a royal surrounding with plush carpeting, velvety blue drapes with gold tiebacks and a large mural backdrop of a chateau amid green, tree-covered hills and fields.

If you would like to meet Mickey or the Princesses, you can do so by either waiting in the standby queues or by picking up a FASTPASS ticket which is available near Town Square Theater.

Photo Credit: Gene Duncan