Top 5 Family Road Trip Must Haves: Keep Your Kids Busy With These Cool Finds!


I am merely two days away from our family trip to South Carolina, and as a follow up to my top Travel Organizers list, I wanted to take the next obvious step in my (long) journey; A road trip survival guide of sorts.

I knew that for such a long trip (18 hours,) I would have to be a little more creative than the obvious staples such as a portable DVD player, books, and snacks. My research led me to compile a list of my top five road trip items that I believe can make my trip stress-free and fun – the way a vacation is supposed to be.

Single Use Camera – Kodak Fun Saver – $5.20

What better way to have your child remember their trip than through their own eyes? I love the idea of giving each child their very own single use camera at the beginning of the trip and having them take their own photos. This idea may not work for all children, but as long as you are willing to let go as a parent and allow them to do things their own way, it could work out beautifully. Be sure to explain things to them initially and maybe set it up so you let them take pictures only when you stop somewhere.

Sand Away Beach Bag – $14.95

I know this seems like it is more for the beach, however, I like to stretch my dollars and I love this bag because you can see what is in it. I like that you could fill this bag up with items for the car ride including extra toys and books, and you don’t have to sift through and make a mess while doing it because you can see what you are doing. And then when you get to the beach, you are all set! It also folds up really small, another great feature.

ae baby via Etsy – I Spy Travel Toy Bag – $20.00

ae baby has a wide variety of these clever bags. I love the idea, and I believe a toy like this could keep little ones occupied for hours!

Deluxe Snack & Play Kids Travel Tray – $19.95

I love the set up of this travel tray. Everything is in reach for your child, and my favourite part is the edges of the tray making it less likely that items will fall all over the place! (Unless of course they are being throw!)


stichin’netka via Etsy – Personalized Kids Notebook – $25.00

This is such a great idea, a little something special for older children for the trip. This could be the perfect introduction to journal keeping. A travel journal would be a perfect addition to any trip, and it would make a great keepsake for the future. You could even make a scrapbook for or with your child using the photos they took, and pages from their journal!


Heidi Oran

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  1. rose

    May 19, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    I always have the kids pack a backpack full of activities they want to do on the road. Of course snacks and drinks are a must. I will also bring like a Frisbee to get out at rest stops and play for like ten minutes. The last necessity I need is my iPad. The kids can play games and watch TV off of it. I have the TV Everywhere with my provider/employer DISH Network and I can access all my subscription channels and DVR from my iPad. The kids love that they can watch live TV from anywhere we are at. It makes the car ride so relaxing.

  2. Duncan Faber

    March 1, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    We do a lot of traveling. And we have a lot of kids. 5. (Holy cow, what were we thinking?) Anyway, we keep our kids occupied with audiobooks, and lots of them. There are a lot of sites where you can download them, but we use this one a lot because the stories are all free and they’re original. Here’s the link if anyone is interested. http://www.twirlygirlshop.com/short-stories-for-kids

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