Caden Lane Designs Nursery & Bedroom For Samantha Harris’ Daughters

Ooo, I love it! The talented ladies at Caden Lane designed a beautiful “Parisian Boutique Shoppe” themed nursery for Samantha Harris‘s new baby girl Hillary Madison.

Because Samantha didn’t find out the sex of her baby before-hand, the design process took place after her daughter was born. If it were a boy, the nursery would be vintage-sports themed.

Designing the entire nursery in two days, the girls from Caden Lane upgraded Samantha’s eldest daughter Josselyn‘s room into a big, beautiful big-sister version of the same nursery! Picture above is the Before .

And After!

The nursery was such a hit, it was featured in the IN TOUCH magazine. Check out Caden Lane’s blog where you can read all the details and view all photos of these two adorable rooms.

Photo credit & source: Caden Lane