If you own a DSLR camera and carry a laptop with you everywhere, I have officially found THE perfect bag (no exaggeration).

Awhile back, I was searching around for a bag that would hold both my laptop, camera, lenses, chargers and video cameras because when you travel with two little ones, carrying 3 separate carry-ons gets extremely tiring and old – fast! For the last 3 trips I struggled with a bulky camera case, my laptop case and my purse which is large enough to hold an iPad and snacks (needless to say, I’ve  built up quite a few muscles walking up and down North American airports). I was in dire need of a change and considered purchasing a backpack to make things easier. Thankfully, I came across Epiphanie, a company who has designed  revolutionary camera bags for women.

If you have a laptop, the Clover and Paris are your best bet! Take a look at the Paris above. Measuring 18 x 6 x 11 inches, this beauty is the same size as my large diaper bag and has separate compartments inside to hold 1 15″ Macbook Pro with battery cord, 1 camera body with lens attached, 1 long lens, 2 extra lenses, wallet, keys, cell phone and a few other personal items (I was able to fit a couple of diapers and a small pack of wipes).

You would swear the bag is made from leather as the water-resistant exterior is such a high quality material it’s hard to distinguish the difference between leather and synthetic. The Paris comes in 3 colors: Turquoise, Purple and Black, and when you open the bag you are treated to a bright interior. I opted for the black Paris and it is lined in a gorgeous hot pink fabric. Love!

Worried about the size of your camera or have a lare lens attached? No worries, the velcro panels can easily be adjusted and moved into any position required (just like a regular camera bag) Thanks to the padded, removable cross body strap, carrying the bag is a cinch and is never overly bulky!

I can guarantee you that I will never ever travel without an Epiphanie bag again. Ridding myself of 2 carry-ons on our last trip was liberating to say the least, especially when traveling with two very active little ones!

If you don’t have a laptop or prefer to leave it at home while traveling, Epiphanie also sells the stylish Ginger, Lola and Belle bags with enough room to hold personal items, your camera and lenses. Go on, have yourself an Epiphanie ;).


The amazing ladies at Epiphanie Bags are offering one of our readers the chance to win a Paris bag (value $184.99) in your choice of black or turquoise (purple is currently sold out).


Leave a comment below telling us whether you travel with or without a laptop. Is it a must-have when you are away or can you live without it?

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Contest ends Tuesday April 5th at 11:59 p.m. The winner will be picked at random on Wednesday April 6th, and then announced on this page.

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Congratulations to our winner Christie Lincoln! This contest is now closed.

810 Comments on Epiphanie: The Perfect Camera & Laptop Bag For Women

  1. I always travel with my laptop and have struggled with how to carry both it and my camera comfortably. Thanks for sharing such a bag. Didn’t know anything like it existed!

  2. I travel with my laptop bag, purse, and camera bag too. It’s a nightmare! I’m the worst person to be behind in the security line. The Epiphanie looks like it even had enough room for my oldest’s DVD player. Great review!

  3. For work, I always travel with my laptop. For pleasure, I travel less and less with my laptop now that I can do most everything from my smart phone.

  4. The laptop…definite must have for short trips….but don’t usually take it along for longer, overseas vacations. I LOVE the bag!!

  5. laptops are a must have when traveling.
    Even when I was in a dingy hostel in Dublin.. you never know, and most palaces have free wifi somewhere….
    too digital for my own good i suppose!

  6. I absolutely can not live without my computer when I travel… Why some folks may ask? Many reasons really… Photo editing for when I’ve snapped alot of pics and can’t wait to get them edited and posted… Also helps to keep track with family/friends…. Very useful as well if I want to look up the area I am currently in while traveling for fun things to do! 🙂

  7. Droooooool! I love Epiphanie bags! I travel with my iPad, camera and lenses. But if I had a bigger bag…

  8. I carry my camera EVERYWHERE, all of the time, but the laptop I can take it or leave it, as I have my photographs stored a certain way on my desktop. If I had a better laptop this may not be the case, though, anymore!

  9. i don’t travel much – but when i DO – bringing my laptop is an absolute must. because, well, what else did i buy a laptop for, if not portability? 😉

    great giveaway – and for the record? turquoise is totally kick-butt!

  10. When I travel I have to have my laptop! I can’t live without it. For information from home to downloading my pictures onto it. This bag would be perfect for my next trip. Just a wonderful idea! Thank you.

  11. I cannot travel anywhere without my laptop. Total must-have! The ability to pull it out and get work done when I’m delayed or grab a spare moment is essential.

  12. I travel with a laptop. I would like to say I don’t need it, but I’m always glad I have it.

  13. I do travel with my laptop. I take it everywhere except the grocery store =) Although I can live without it, I can’t go anywhere without either my laptop or smart phone.

  14. Oh I love it! Oh my goodness! If I had one I could take my laptop on location or to events without worry! I also have 5 kids and always need extra room for the little essentials!
    LOVE IT!
    Thanks wish me luck! 😉

  15. Definitely take my laptop with me. I travel almost every weekend and it must be with me. It is my home away from home. My TV, my photo album, my books are always with me when I have my laptop.

  16. Follow @childmode on Twitter & tweet the following: “I just entered the Epiphanie Camera Bag Giveaway thanks to @childmode & @EpiphanieBags ! Check itout! http://su.pr/8yQKRp #giveaway” I did this!!! for another chance to win!

  17. When we visited back home it was annoying to have a camera bag, laptop bag, diaper bag, and pet at the airport! Traveling is crazy enough with a little one! My laptop is a must to share all the pictures and videos with my family and friends. I can put them on FB but some memories I just want to keep personal with my family. This bag is awesome!!

  18. Travel with it as much as possible — but it gets cumbersome. Maybe a new Epiphanie bag would cure that! 😉

  19. I travel with a laptop so that I can have a place to empty my memory cards. I tend to take pictures of EVERYTHING, so it’s nice to have a place to put all those shots. Plus, it drives me nuts when I’m not able to clear off my memory cards. I just feel so much safer being able to put them on my laptop and back them up on a hard drive. =)

  20. Subscribe to our FREE feed, I did with my Goggle Reader! Thank you for the chance to win!

  21. I always travel with my laptop so I can upload pictures of my vacation and keep in touch with family. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!

  22. I absolutely cannot travel without at least my net book. I can see the photos I’ve taken in a little larger format. I can do some minor editing for some teaser pictures and I can use it to transfer pictures off of my card an onto a back up hard drive. This makes it easier for me to carry less memory with me each day. I have the Lola currently, but I can only have one carry on through Heathrow. I refuse to choose between my camera and net book. They both need to be on the plane in my posession! Thanks!!

  23. I am so excited to learn about the Paris bag. My husband is in the Canadian Army and we have recently been posted to England. Travelling back and forth with a HUGE purse, laptop bag and a camera bag is quickly getting old…fast.

  24. I don’t like to carry too much, I too travel with children so I end up struggling with what to take and what stays home. This would be a dream bag to have !!! 🙂 And I could just being it all, laptop, camera, lenses, and all the fun stuff for the kiddos!

  25. I love -love- love these bags!! I travel with and without the laptop but always have the camera. Carrying bulky camera bags along with purses, etc…. is not fun! This bag would be so stylish and would save the back!!! Of course, I don’t know if I could get my husband to carry the turquoise one!! But then I wouldn’t mind carrying this camera bag myself — wouldn’t need his help then!!

  26. I HAVE to bring my laptop and camera with me when I travel. I’d be lost. I have an awesome camera bag and a great laptop bag, but it would be a dream come true to have the two bags in one. My arms can’t handle lugging it all across Detroit Metro Airport. 🙂

  27. Depends on how long I will be gone. If it is just a short trip, I can make do with my Iphone; longer trip requires laptop as well.

  28. I am a commuter & traveler and I want to use my DSLR more, but lately, I have to decide before I walk out the door if I need the laptop, camera or everything else I carry with me every day. (Some days the lunch is what loses) This looks like THE most awesome bag EVER!

  29. I always used to travel with a laptop, but now I travel with just my iPad unless it is a business trip. I love the Epiphanie bags, and that turquoise is gorgeous!

  30. I do not travel with a laptop now that I have a smartphone that can do everything I need it to.

  31. While I would love to travel with my laptop I usually find I don’t have room for it. I would love to own this purse to be able to lug it around.

  32. Can’t live without! What a great bag…My dslr camera and my laptop fitting in one bag. How great to combine the two bags. With a new baby on the way, I will be adding another bag…how great to combine!!!! AMAZING designs on the bags.

  33. My laptop is like American Express–I never leave home without it! How else would I edit and upload my photos while I’m away from home???

  34. I travel with my Laptop (sadly) as a work from hom Mom I often take my laptop everywhere I go. It would be fantastic to have the laptop with the camera in one bag! It would totally make my Mom world rock!

  35. A Laptop is an absolute necessity when traveling! I carry it around with me on all out of town photo sessions so I am able to upload my photos instantly and discuss anything with clients after our session. It saves us both time and travel to get everything done all at once. Along with my laptop, I also carry around my DSLR camera and two lenses, flash, and extra cords and such–that way I can transfer any data to my computer from my camera 🙂 I also carry around a binder with me to help me keep everything organized that I may add along the way (receipts, payments, cash, etc.).

    I am in {{LOVE}} with Epiphanie Bags!!!

  36. I definitely must travel with my laptop, if I don’t I feel as if something is missing or I’m missing out on something important. Currently I carry my laptop in a separate bag from my camera, so I’m lugging around two bags and soon to be three when my baby arrives. Would love the convenience that Epiphanies bags offer, they are not only incredibly fashionable but very economical!

  37. I wish I had a laptop to travel with! It’s actually on my purchase list (my husband thinks it’s going to be for him to use at school, little does he know that’s just an excuse to buy on and it’s mine when he graduates in the fall) However, since my phone, or rather minicomputer, is always with me for internet use, I’m thinking if I had a laptop, it would never get lonely. Especially if it had my nikon to keep it company.

  38. I always travel with my laptop and camera/gear, in two separate bags, and when I travel with my husband we also have his bulky sleep apnea machine to carry along as well. The Paris bag is on my wish list! Just can’t seem to leave the laptop at home, mostly because I usually edit any photos I take during the evenings, even while traveling.

  39. I tend to leave my laptop at home because I don’t have a bag. I do have an iPad that I like to carry but it does hog up my purse. I do believe that both of them would fit rather nicely in an Epiphanie Bag! 🙂

  40. I just stumbled upon these bags and now I seriously NEED one!
    It would be incredible to be carry my camera and laptop together AND in such a stylish way!

  41. I don’t travel often but when I do my laptop does indeed go with me. I have a laptop case but then I have to carry my big camera bag separately. I would love to win one of these bags so I could carry ALL my stuff in one stylish place!

    (Also I have followed & tweeted, liked on Facebook, and subbed to your feed for the bonus entries. Thanks for a GREAT giveaway!)

  42. when I travel it’s a must HAVE!! I down load all my photos at the end of the day into appropriate folders (of where I’ve been/what I was taking photos of) that way when I get home all I have to do is choose which ones I love and want to print. I even take it sailing with me!!

  43. I usually travel with my laptop, being a photographer I like to have it with me so I can immediately start editing photos or work on business stuff away from home. When flying its a hassle to have to carry the purse, camera bag and laptop bag along with my luggage, but the laptop is a must have flying or driving. Builds big arm muscles 😉

  44. I loooooooooove these bags. The colors & functionality are absolutely wonderful! I’d love to have one someday & yes, I can never go without my laptop. I need it for creative and of course communication reason 🙂 Thanks for this!!!

  45. i just got a lovely laptop for Christmas and have travelled 3 times since then… and each time it has come with me. its my bud. 😉

    thanks for the awesome giveaway! LOVE epiphanie!!!

  46. I always trave with a laptop. Now have an iPad, and that will likely be my choice from now on. The big decision is always which lenses cannot make the trip. With this bag, they could all be along. Yeah!

  47. I travel with my iPad. Used to be the laptop but I inherited the iPad from the husband. We’re going out of state for a family wedding this weekend and it and my camera are going with me. Would be great to have something to carry them both in!

  48. Sometimes I travel with my laptop, but ALWAYS with my camera. If I’ll be back home again within 24-48 hours, I’ll leave my laptop at home but any longer than that and it comes with me. I’ve been eyeing this Paris bag from Epiphanie for awhile and am dying for one for myself, but haven’t been able to justify the purchase to my husband quite yet! 😉

  49. Sorry… not sure if I am supposed to do these entries in seperate comments… I apologize if I should be doing it all in one!

    I am already following Epiphanie on Facebook.

  50. Sorry… not sure if I am supposed to do these entries in seperate comments… I apologize if I should be doing it all in one!

    I am now following Child Mode on Facebook.

  51. I definitely like having my laptop with me when I travel, although I’ve been looking at getting an ipad and if I do that will be my travel buddy!!! LOL Thank you for doing this giveaway! 🙂

  52. I always take my laptop when I travel. It isn’t a must on short trips but for the longer trips I HAVE to have it. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  53. Sorry… not sure if I am supposed to do these entries in seperate comments… I apologize if I should be doing it all in one!

    Last but not least… I have subscribed to your free feed! Thanks!

  54. When I travel I almost always like to have my laptop with me, on a few rare occasions I don’t but most of the time I don’t take it because I’m annoyed by the bags I have to carry! Sometimes it’s a contest between my camera or my laptop, and again it just depends on what I am doing as to who wins out!

  55. Since I have no life of my own, the only reason I ever seem to travel is for work. So sadly, yes a laptop is necessary. Love these bags, I’m in the market for a new camera bag!

  56. I travel with an Lap top…..I would LOVE to win a Clover or Paris bag to tote around that load. It sure would lessen the visual load!!! I adore all of your bags and styles! Fabulous! They are the best hing since sliced bread.

  57. I travel with my laptop and camera. In fact, they go everywhere with me and I need a better bag for them. I’ve been drooling over an epiphanie bag for months,

  58. I travel with my laptop and my camera, as well as each of my lenses. I want to be able to keep on top of editing the photographs I take!


  59. I’m starting to expand my business to where my sister lives one hour flight away, so this will be a PERFECT BAG!!! I would love to win it 😉

  60. I usually travel with my laptop. Since the IPad came out I carry it also! Can’t have enough room for woman’s things!

  61. I take my laptop with me all the time…and I really need a bag! Love, love, love your bags. keeping my fingers crossed that you pick me. Thanks for the great give away!

  62. I take my laptop everywhere! I always travel with it, and I have been wanting an Epiphanie bag for my camera for ages now. It would help to combine diaper bag, laptop bag and camera bag into one for short trips!

  63. I’d ADORE the turquoise. I ABSOLUTELY must travel with my laptop, it’s my lifeline! Without it, I am naked!

  64. When I travel I do carry my laptop, camera and lenses.. so having one bag to carry it all would be a God send. thanks for the give away.. I Love the bag and have been looking at it for awhile.. took me forever to figure out I wanted the Paris.. so yes one bag is the way to go!!!!!

  65. i typically travel with a laptop if it longer than 2 days… would love to make that an ipad, but can’t afford that yet. 🙂 would love the turqiose bag!!

  66. I *didn’t* take my laptop on a recent overnight trip … and it was the first time. Ever. But it was nice. But otherwise, I do travel with my laptop and I hate having two separate bags! I’ll be traveling a LOT this summer, so one bag would be nice.

  67. I can’t go anywhere without a laptop. Of course, the iPad has made life simpler, but I feel naked without one.

  68. I travel with my laptop I am right there with you. I have two little kids and my laptop bag and my camera bag and my purse plus my daughters bag of toys and my sons bag of toys. So its a mess when we go any where. Would love to own an Epiphanie.

  69. If we are going to be away for several days I take my laptop along but because it is old and heavy, I don’t take it on short trips.

  70. I always travel with my laptop and currently carry it in a large backpack/camera equipment bag. It would be great to have a smaller bag to keep it with the cmaera I’m using.

  71. I’ve always traveled w/o my laptop because it was such a pain to carry. A bag like this would make bringing my laptop so much easier!

  72. I always travel with my laptop and my camera. I have been drooling over the Epiphanie bags since I got my new Canon. I would LOVE to win one; they are gorgeous!

  73. depends on where I am traveling on if I bring my laptop. But having this awesome bag to carry it and my camera. would bring it along always.

  74. Once I left corporate America, I left my laptop at home, but I never leave home without my camera 🙂

  75. I sometimes travel with my laptop but usually it’s so cumbersome trying to carry it along with a separate camera bag. I would LOVE an Epiphanie bag that would allow me to more easily bring my laptop along. I am already following Epiphanie on Facebook. The bags are awesome!!

  76. Traveling with my laptop is a must! Thank you for this opportunity to win this fabulous bag. My fingers are crosse!

  77. I don’t travel much but when I do, I always bring my laptop!

    ( I tweeted, liked both sites and subscribed to the feed!)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. I ALWAYS travel with both my Canon 40D and several lenses, PLUS my 15″ MacBook Pro. However, I still haven’t been able to find (until now) a gorgeous bag for both, and now can’t afford it (starting completely over in a new city). Currently I travel with my laptop in a Timbuktu green bag and my Camera and lenses in a LowerPro Slingshot. What I wouldn’t give to have them all together! I love Epiphanie Bags!

  79. Love these contests with the prize of these awesome bags!!! Whether I travel with a laptop depends upon where I am traveling to. If it is a road trip, yes, laptop always comes with. When I travel by air, I leave the laptop at home, but carry a smartphone with internet access for communication. Editing then waits until I get home.

  80. Without. Because I do not have a chic camera slash computer bag, I live (sadly) without…

  81. I have to have my laptop when I travel, and of course my camera! I have a Lola bag from Epiphanie, and love it for day trips. I’ve been eying the Paris ever since it came out for longer trips… Some day…

  82. I ALWAYS take my laptop and camera with me. So I am double bagged right now. I can at least put my purse type stuff in my camera bag. But I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these bags as well. LOVE is not a strong enough word for how I feel about them! I’d be so excited to win.

  83. I LOVE these bags and want one sooooo bad!!! I do travel with my laptop AND my netbook just in case something goes wrong with one. LOL My hubby hates it but I only use them if I need to. Sort of. lol

    Please enter me in this drawing!

  84. Love these bags! Finally, a bag that is really stylish. I do travel, and I like to bring all my lenses, flash, batteries, charger with me each day. You never know when the next great shot will be. I have a name brand camera bag that I really dread lugging around all day. It’s so bulky, and just screams “Camera Bag”. Hate that.

    I do bring my laptop with me when I travel, don’t really have to . But, I like to keep in touch. Thanks for running this contest, love all the bags. Now, I’m off to Twitter an Epiphanie:)

  85. i don’t travel much (does this giveaway come with a free trip?)or have a laptop but I seriously need a new camera bag! Thanks!

  86. I do travel with my lap top and camera. It would be wonderful to have them in one bag with so much Less hassel.

  87. Love Epiphanie Bags! I don’t usually travel with my laptop for photography stuff, but if I’m going on a longer vacation I often bring it. If I had this bag I would probably take it more often though!

  88. travel with my ipad and camera! Two of the most important things to travel with!!! Love your Epiphanie camera bags, they ROCK!!!!

  89. I travel without it only because I do not have one right now. 🙁 Otherwise it is a must have when traveling! I plan on getting one this summer, along with an Epiphanie bag to hold it and my camera gear. I hope I win, I want one of these wonderful bags now!!! 🙂

  90. love traveling with a laptop to download and share pictures (of course), but it’s not an absolute necessity. i’m loving epiphanie bags, but it’s a little out of my budget right now…:-(

  91. I love to travel with my laptop – like the security of having it with me. But many times I have had to choose between that & my camera (of course, camera ALWAYS wins!) for lack of space in my bag. Would love to have something to hold (and protect!) everything I wanted to cart along.

  92. Lately it usually comes down to traveling with my laptop *or* my camera, since I have limited space. And more and more the camera has been winning. Epiphanie bags are so great!

  93. I do travel with my laptop along with my camera almost always which would make this bag perfect for me!

  94. Of course… when I travel, my lap top is a must have. I also must take along my DSLR and my Nook! Technology rocks and so do Epiphanie Bags!!!!

  95. I travel with my laptop 99% of the time. It’s like my security blanket! That’s why I’m so smitten with the Epiphanie bags that can hold a laptop. It would eliminate the need for the laptop bag + the ugly camera bag I currently own.

  96. I don’t take my laptop on fun trips with my girls and hubby, but any trip with downtime, it is a must!

  97. I have a backpack that I usually use to carry my laptop on trips – but I love these Epiphanie bags and would love to own one!

  98. I don’t travel with a laptop. It only works with the screen in a certain position so I am learning to live without it!

  99. I always travel with a laptop (&charger, &tablet…). Family thought I was crazy in Hawaii! 🙂

  100. I don’t have a laptop but just got an ipad2 and want to carry it with my camera…this bag would be perfect!

  101. If it’s work related, I have to have a laptop. Otherwise, I try to stay off the computer and internet when travelling. We all need a break from it.

  102. I definitely travel with my laptop – it goes everywhere with me! I need to wipe my memory cards every once in awhile after all. 🙂 I’ve been dreaming of the Paris bag in turquoise…it’s so pretty!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  103. It just depends on what I’m traveling for. I try to leave it home so I am forced to have some R&R!!

  104. If I’m going for a few days to just have fun & get away, the laptop stays at home. But if I’m going to be gone for a week, it’s a must! Liked you on Facebook. Already a FB fan of Epiphanie.

  105. I ALWAYS travel with my Canon and my MacBook Pro – as well as lip gloss, smart phone, a pen, Snoopy moleskin notebook, debit card, a couple bucks, chargers, moisturizer, to name a few things. 🙂 Loving life and love Epiphanie! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Liking on Twitter;
    Subscribing to your feed;
    “Like” Child Mode on FB;
    Already “like” Epiphanie on FB.

  106. Travelling with my laptop has become a necessity these days as I mainly shoot directly to it using my eyefi card. And as my collection of lenses grows I find it hard to get by with just taking one along.
    The turquoise bag is gorgeous.

  107. I do travel with my laptop, but it’s often difficult to manage with everything else. This bag looks perfect! The black one is my favorite!

  108. I take my laptop and camera everywhere! I’m a fan on facebook for both child mode and epiphanie on facebook and subscribed to your feed.


  109. Have not travelled much lately but if I did I would def. have it w/me! Dying for one of these bags!!

  110. I always have to have mine with me. I think it might be liberating to go off without it, but I haven’t managed to cut the cord as of yet!

  111. Always travel with my MacBook Pro, DSLR, and lenses… this bag looks perfect. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest!

  112. I like to travel with my laptop, but tend not to because it’s so awkward to be juggling three or four different bags… this could solve all my problems!!! <3 it in turquoise!

  113. I LOVE these bags and would love to have one to carry my laptop and camera when I travel. It’s getting more and more difficult to leave the laptop at home!

  114. I usually travel for work with a laptop, but personally do not. However, I expect that personal experience over time.

  115. I ALWAYS travel with a laptop it’s a must have for me, I can’t imagine going anywhere without it. I am absolutely in love with these epiphanie bags and can’t wait until I own one. To win one would be amazing!!! Thank you so much!!

  116. I travel with my laptop about half of the time. It’s hard to leave it at home, but sometimes it’s necessary! I liked you on FB and Epiphanie as well, and signed up for your feed on Google Reader. Thanks!

  117. I used to always travel with my laptop, but since I recently dropped it and the screen pretty much is dunzo it stays put at a table with a separate monitor.

  118. I travel with my laptop about 95% of the time. Occasionally I will only take my iPad if the trip is less than 2 days, but I often take my laptop even then.

    I also did the following for extra entires 🙂
    Follow @childmode on Twitter & tweet the following: “I just entered the Epiphanie Camera Bag Giveaway thanks to @childmode & @EpiphanieBags ! Check itout! http://su.pr/8yQKRp #giveaway”

    ‘Like’ Child Mode on Facebook

    ‘Like’ Epiphanie Bags on Facebook

  119. Laptop stays home…trying to simplify and with a large memory card and my iphone, I’m usually good to go!

  120. I don’t carry my laptop with me because I’m afraid I’ll drop it and I don’t have a bag for it…I do however carry my DSLR with me all the time!

  121. I can live without it, but probably if it was smaller I’d pack it around more… oh and if I had this bag, I’m sure I would. 😉

  122. Usually travel with my laptop so I can download on the go…..I have “liked” Epiphanie on FB for over a year!

  123. I like to travel with both camera and laptop! I have been eyeing these beautiful bags for some time. What a treat!

  124. Before I had kids, yes, I took a laptop. I traveled quite a bit about 5 years ago and I backed up all the time. Now, not so much — I just take a bunch of memory cards! It’s not safe photo-wise, of course, but usually I’m not taking as many photos while traveling now either, not to mention that my trips are shorter. 😉

    Thank you so much!

  125. My camera just about always goes with me, m laptop not so much, but that would change if I had a bag I could carry both in! Already like Epiphanie on FB.

  126. I do always travel with my laptop on long trips and since it’s a 17″ screen, I’ve had difficulty finding a decent case for it. Right now I’m using a messenger bag, but it’s flimsy. An Epiphanie bag would be perfect for my laptop, computer accessories, and camera gear!

  127. I travel via plane with a laptop, but not everyday. But I DO love to take my SLR with me everywhere, and this would be perfect!!

  128. If I am away for more than a day or two I need my laptop to stay on top of my emails, forums etc. If I fly I tend to carry my DSLR and laptop around in a very unglamorous backpack.

  129. I try to take my laptop everywhere but sometimes I just have the room for it…or the proper bag to stow it in.

  130. I travel for fun but also to see family back in the states and I live in Europe. I go everywhere with both my camera and my computer. That way I can keep in touch and show everyone back in the states what I am doing 🙂

  131. ‘Like’ Child Mode on Facebook – Did this 🙂

    ‘Like’ Epiphanie Bags on Facebook – Have “Liked” them for a while now 😀

  132. It really depends where I’m going and for how long, there is no point dragging it along if I know I won’t have access to the internet. But 99.5% of the time, I drag my laptop everywhere with me! Its a life saver when the inevitable flight delay occurs, or you just can’t fall asleep in a new place.
    The epiphanie bags (paris & clover) are perfect for photographers cause most of the time we need to bring our laptops with us to meet clients and photo shoots. Having the laptop and camera gear in one, very stylish bag is the ultimate luxury! I have been dreaming about this for years.

  133. I Follow @childmode on Twitter & tweeted the following: “I just entered the Epiphanie Camera Bag Giveaway thanks to @childmode & @EpiphanieBags ! Check

  134. My lapto[ is new and I am addicted!! I also have a new camera. I have not traveled since having both. I will be traveling back and forth during the summer from one home to another and plan to ALWAYS have both, This would be a a WIN, WIN for me!

  135. Just a camera and accessories, no laptop. It would be nice to use all the extra space in the Paris for kid accessories!

  136. HI!!
    i dont have a laptop yet! but am hoping for one in the near future. I have done some amazing travelling with our 3 kiddos this past year and didnt bring my good camera b/c it just wouldnt fit in my carryone/diaper bag/snack bag/backpack. so i forfeited amazing photos. an epiphany is a dream come true! i’d haul my camera around all day if i had one of these amazing bags!!
    thanks for posting!

  137. Laptop is a MUST when traveling as is the Ipad. Laptop for in-depth meetings, Ipad for quick ones. And of course my camera is a must have at ALL times!! 🙂

  138. I admit. I’m addicted. I must have my lap top with me when I travel. I bought one of those little credit size cards to carry with me so I can log on any where and any time.

  139. I couldn’t travel without my macbook. I’m on it every day and I can’t live without it. It comes with me on my other carry on since it won’t fit in my ginger (another awesome product) so I think next time I may need to go out and buy the Paris. Looks beautiful!

  140. I have a netbook that I take almost everywhere. I also carry around a dSLR, flip camera and my cellphone — totally gadget girl. I gave up the idea of a stylish way to carry all this stuff around & settled for a sling backpack. It has tons of pockets, though none of them are particularly sized for the gadgets I carry. Would love to win this bag, but will probably check it out regardless. Thanks!

  141. Sometimes I travel with my laptop so I can download pix and free up my flash cards for more pix. But, since we’ve been traveling with a toddler lately, it’s just been the camera to come along. Maybe a bag like this will make it easier for me since I want to start taking my rebel on travels again!

    PS: I did all the extra entries except for Twitter. I guess I better get into the 21st Century with that one!

  142. I take my laptop with me whenever we travel anywhere! Sometimes it’s not needed but I’m the kind of person I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. lol Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  143. I currently own the Belle…..Would LOVE to have this one because of the capability to carry a laptop…..LOVE these bags……

  144. I used to go everywhere with my laptop, but since I got an iPad, the laptop is more likely to stay home. Thanks for the chance to win!

  145. Just came back from a trip to California. You are only allowed one suitcase and one personal item on the flight, this makes traveling with expensive equipment difficult. I have been having my kids carry the camera bag and I would carry my laptop bag! Now I can carry it all!….wait…is that really a good thing? lol Of course it is!

  146. I usually do travel with my laptop so I can download the pictures I took that day and review them. I would love to travel with one camera/laptop bag. Please pick me!!! I also liked Epiphanie and Child Mode. Thanks!! :)))

  147. I never leave home without my MBP 15. I have been lusting after the Clover which would be PERFECT!

  148. There are times I take my laptop, and times I don’t, like camping. There are also times I wish I could take it, but don’t want to have to carry 3 different bags. I’d also like to take my big sketchbook, and my purse only fits my small one. I usually have to carry the big one separate, but most times leave it behind. This bag would be an amazing fit in my life. 🙂

  149. Generally I don’t travel with my laptop (one less thing to worry about), but I’m going on an extended trip to Europe in May and plan on taking my laptop so I can share photos and videos and such. Typically I can live without it though.

  150. I love to have my laptop with me when I travel, but since it is an old 17inch heavy laptop, I usually end up leaving it at home but using my husband’s laptop to store my pictures on!!! I would love to win one of these bags! to be able to hopefully fit an ipad or a smaller laptop that I’ll get one day!!! After our recent trip to Disney World it was a must to have a laptop so I could upload pictures each night!

  151. I already like Epiphanie on Facebook 🙂

    Over the last few years it’s always been a priority for me to have my laptop with me, but I think I’m slowly getting to the point where I would be comfortable leaving it behind for a short trip now that there are so cloud-type storage options available that allow to me to share files without it. It certainly makes me bag lighter when traveling, but I’d love to have such a fun option for toting it when I do have it on me!

  152. That picture of Audry Hepburn is so precious! She looks like a little girl. I do travel with my laptop, I feel naked without it. The Epiphanie camera bags are elegant and Oh so stylish. Turquoise is my absolute favorite color! What a honor to win this! I just recently found this blog. I adopted my 2 grandgirls and this site has some awesome childrens gear. Thanks.

  153. I like to travel with my laptop but it is a pain to carry it on with the bag I currently have. I do take my camera and a few lenses with me everywhere though! One of these bags would be awesome to have!

  154. I have to take the laptop with me! If I don’t, I run out of space on my camera card and get stuck with those moments of “I wish I had my camera to capture this image!” I’m so glad you’re doing a Paris giveaway! I’ve always seen the clover for giveaways so this is awesome!

  155. I either travel with my work or personal laptop and iPad. These are essential when I’m on-the-go. For short personal trips when I know I’ll have access to a friend or family member’s computer, I can usually go without my laptop, but I ALWAYS carry my iPad. This Epiphanie bag would definitely allow me to drop the man-style backpack I’m carrying now and head out on the road (or in the sky) in style!

    FYI – I just liked Epiphanie and ChildMode on FB and Twitter. Extra entries – woo hoo!

  156. I’m a photographer, so it is essential for me to have my laptop with me when I meet with clients, potential clients, and also when I need a change of scenery – i.e. editing at Starbucks. =) Toting a camera bag plus a bag for my laptop is bulky and screams “I’ve got really expensive equipment”. I love Epiphanie bags! Their cute, functional and best of all they’re discreet. Gotta love that!

    Thanks for the chance to win the Paris bag!

  157. I only travel with the laptop if it’s going to be more than one or two days. I can use my smartphone for the little things for a couple of days.

  158. I ALWAYS carry my laptop. I am currently using my Sampsonite briefcase to carry my laptop, laptop accessories, planner and a few business folders. I have a seperate bag for my camera and camera accessories. I have been eyeing the Epiphanie bags and debating whether I could dish out the moo-lah to get one. At this time, I cannot so this would be a wonderful treat! Thanks to both Child Mode & Epiphanie for this great give-a-way!

  159. In life I have three love: graphic design, photography and travel. So I ALWAYS have with me my camera, my macbook pro and my passport. So I would be so happy if I can have a beautiful bag to put all of it in!!!

  160. I don’t take my laptop with me but do take my dslr camera and an Epiphanie bag would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  161. I plan to travel with a laptop more so I can do some geneology research as I cruise along. My SLR is always a must, but to have a bag that does both, HEAVEN.
    Paris, come to mama!

  162. I was JUST pining away for this bag so am thrilled there is this pie in the sky tiny iota speck of a dot bit of a chance that such a bag might get to come home to me. (hoping April 6th brings good luck as it is my son’s 2nd birthday!)

    I am the Mom with three bags and a bad back. And also? I have zero style. Having a bag like this would solve both style and multiple bag issues.

  163. I always travel WITH my laptop… Its hard for be to away from it because countless days I spent shooting and can’t wait to download my photos… Plus, its always nice to jump on Facebook and talk to my friends or family as well as share some photos 🙂

  164. YES, I travel with my laptop, i receive so much mail that i’d be afraid that my computer would lock up by the time i got back to it to read them all! carrienmarc(at)aol.com

  165. I currently do not have a laptop but am hoping to have one soon and I’m sure I’ll be traveling with it, especially if I have this beautiful Epiphanie bag to carry it in! 🙂 I’ve had my eye on these bags for the past year…thanks so much for the chance to win one!

  166. Oh dear me….I would love and cherish one of these bags. I take my laptop EVERYWHERE. I never leave home without it, but the cheap bag that I have doesn’t have room for my cameras, so I have each one wrapped separately in a scarf—not exactly the best way to carry a camera (especially since one of them is a vintage rolleiflex that was used in a photoshoot for Elizabeth Taylor in the 50’s). One of these bags would save my life!

  167. I normally travel with my lap top,but it is broken so time for a new one. I have to have a lap top when i travel i would go crazy.
    melisa0072 at gmail dot com

  168. I’d be lost without my laptop and always keep it with me.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway. This bag is so beautiful.

  169. I’m a FB friend of Epiphanie (Margaret E. SMith)

  170. I travel with a lap top so having one bag would be great …..I like Epiphanie on FB.. just love the Paris bag and would love to win it!!!!!

  171. I have to have my laptop with me at all times. I travel for business and am NEVER without it.

  172. I used to travel all the time with a laptop, but since I got a smartphone I don’t find it necessary… unless I’m working. But if I just need to check email/coordinate plans/look up restaurants, etc – my phone can definitely do that without the bulk and weight of a laptop!

  173. I follow EVERYONE on the internet ONLY GOD BLESS YA’LL, if I were to win I love the turquoise one.

  174. I travel without but would love to have a bag so that I’d feel my laptop was safe when traveling. I do think its a must have though I live without. 🙂

  175. I almost never leave the house without my laptop! As a result, I’m always running through laptop totes/bags/carriers! It’d be nice to have one that looks stylish, but will also last for longer than a month! I’m loving the Epiphane line! Thank you for the chance to win an awesome bag for women-on-the-go! Like meeee! ^_^.

  176. I take my laptop with me whenever we travel. I feel disconnected without it. Not to mention it is nice when you’re in an unfamiliar place to be able to look up where to eat/what to see/directions whenever you want.

  177. I decided not to travel with the laptop. I just use my iphone instead. A little more frustrating, but I’m trying to pack light.

  178. I usally try to leave my laptop at home when we go places. I figure we are going on a trip to “get away” so why not do just that!

  179. I can “live” without it… but yet I can’t. Luckily, my husband has an ipad so whenever we travel, I am able to hop on that when I absolutely need to.

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  180. Right now I am travelling without a laptop as it died a cruel death but I plan to remedy this situation. Love the Bag!

  181. I don’t even OWN a laptop, so I don’t bring it on trips, of course, but if I did, I still wouldn’t. That wouldn’t be a vacation to me…

  182. Since I got an iPhone, it’s been slightly less crucial to bring my MacBook with me, but I still feel better if I have access to all my stuff! 🙂

  183. I do travel with my labtop bag. It is very convienent when flying. I would say it is a must have when I go away on business

  184. Ok I answered the question the first day (the 28th)…now I realized today, with your help, to come back here and also post that I was and am already a Fan (Like) of Epiphanie on FB, and as of the 28th.. now am a Fan of Child Mode on FB, and following CM on Twitter and have tweeted the phrase above. I also have CM set to Feed onto my Google page. 🙂

  185. These bags are the most awesome bags in the whole wide world, and I really, really, really want one! I travel with my laptop, and hope to be able to get a new one someday.

  186. I always travel with my laptop, it’s like an appendage and I couldn’t go anywhere without it.

  187. I travel for leisure without my laptop. It is a pain to have to take in and out at the airport and one time I lost my favorite mouse.

  188. Business travel definitely requires taking the laptop. On pleasure trips I usually leave it at home.

  189. I am currently counting down the days until my Epiphanie “Lola” arrives & praying it gets here before I go away, so I can travel in style for once & not be lugging around my big ugly backpack, I travel with my camera always, cant leave home without it! But the laptop has to come from time to time too as they are essential these days.

  190. We don’t travel with a laptop. It’s nice to leave electronics behind and focus on relaxing.

  191. I travel with out my laptop, because it is the only time i get to get away with just the kids and hubby, But i would use that slot for my journal
    texaswaitress (at) live (dot) com

  192. what beautiful laptop bags! I always travel with my laptop because i’m self employed so its my ‘business’. Thanks!

  193. I can travel without my laptop; prefer to travel with it, but I can live without it. On the other hand, I MUST travel with my DSLR – I detest missing the perfect photo! Thanks!

    And I love the turquoise color!

  194. Mandatory
    I always travel with my laptop. Definitely a must-have at all times!


  195. Anytime that we travel where we will be gone overnight we always carry a laptop. And stay where there is an internet connection. My husband is as big of a computer person as I am so it ids definitely something that is needed when we travel.


  196. Whether it’s a day trip or overnight, the laptop comes with me. I think my bag is melded to my shoulder!

  197. I canNOT live without my laptop! I definitely take it with me whenever I travel. It’s my third child. 🙂

  198. Always with a laptop…I don’t trust other people’s pcs to put my personal info on when away from home. Thanks for the contest!

  199. I have to have my lap top with me when I travel. I don’t use it as much as at home but I like to have it in case I need to look something up and to check in with emails.

  200. I just got a laptop for the first time last fall, and I love it!! I can’t imagine not having it with me, so I love to travel with it in tow. 🙂

  201. I travel with 2 laptops and an iPad. Add to that my new dSLR and my 8yr old’s point n shoot and I’m a veritable online store! Depending on how long I’ll be gone I could live without the laptop if I have the iPad. But longer than 3 days, the laptop comes with me!

  202. I am an online grad student so where I go, the laptop goes. It comes with me when I travel.

  203. I always traveled with my laptop bag until the strap ripped so I am looking for another because it is a must have with me.

  204. If I’m going to be gone for more than just a day trip I HAVE to have my laptop!! Thanks for the giveaway of such a great looking bag.

  205. I don’t personally have a laptop, but my mom is permanently attached to hers and she recently got a DSLR. I would be the best daughter ever if I won this great bag for her.


  206. Thanks for the giveaway…my wife & I travel with our laptops out of job related necessity…must stay connected ! My wife would love this bag since most of the “laptop” bags available are so ugly i.e. she looks like a 1950’s Fuller Brush salesman with what she is using right now !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  207. I subscribed to the RSS feed. Please please please let my number get chosen! I really really really need this bag!!! =)

  208. Always take my laptop. Being stranded in an airport is basically an everyday thing these days and I’d go crazy if I didn’t have it to work on while stuck for hours on end, like I am right this minute.

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