Spruce Up Your Kids’ Walls – A Tribute To The Trendy Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are all the rage right now. Bloggers, home decor sites and magazines, and DIY fanatics are all on board with the trend. While there is nothing really new about this sort of display, many are now incorporating items other than just photos and artwork into their gallery.

After scouring the web, we have complied our favourite walls, all inspired by babies and children. Some use fancy and whimsical papers and fancy frames, others are a display for art work by your child.

Have a look around, and be inspired to create your own display. For a great tutorial, visit Young House Love for inspiration or Pottery Barn for free templates.

Hi! Sugarplum – This gallery combines an eclectic mix of items, including photos, magazine cut-outs, and is the perfect example of letting a child customize and be creative.


Echoes Of Laughter –  Gorgeous display of artwork done over the years by Echoes of Laughter’s children using a variety of frames. Such a great way to display those pieces that you love but are sitting in a pile over the years, or are stuck on the fridge.


Young House Love – John & Sherry of YHL are the ultimate Do-It-Yourself’ers. They kept things clean and cute in their daughter’s nursery, utilizing old photos, and artwork.


Beautiful Inspirations – What I love most about this display is the use of the funky colour chosen for the frames. A great way to put to use mismatched frames and utilize material that has no home but you love.


SAS Interiors – This gallery is similar to the other art display, however it has a bit of a modern edge to it. The frames with black edges that put the focus more on the artwork than the frame, would be perfect if you are into a more simple modern look.


Cape 27 – Scrapbook pages and wallpaper are the perfect addition to frames, and with these, you could easily achieve a look such as the one above. This display is classy and modern at the same time, using old frames painted the same colour, and gorgeous patterns inside.