Vera Bradley: The Latest Trend Embraced By Girls, Teens & Moms Everywhere

Vera Bradley is a designer that is incredibly popular among moms, teens and girls everywhere. As I was walking around the parks in Disney World a couple of months ago, I noticed almost every other woman held a clutch, had a tote slung around their shoulder or wore a backpack – each one designed by Vera Bradley. I lost count after 50! Even tweens and teens have fallen for the trend as I saw many of them carrying the brand.

These quilted beauties have made such an impact, stores are having a hard time keeping them in stock. Carrying everything from Travel pouches and laptop covers to duffel bags and totes, Vera Bradley’s product line is huge! The designs are bountiful so you are sure to find one you like (they have solids in the Vera Vera line, suiting those who aren’t into florals).

Have you joined the latest Vera Bradley craze? Am I the only one who just learned about it?