J. Austin Ryan Shares A Day In The Life Of Hawk With Vintage Inspired Artwork For Kids

I am absolutely smitten with Texas-based J. Austin Ryan‘s vintage inspired artwork and had to share. The original paintings, created by artist Marnie Vollenhals evoke nostalgia, reminding me of the many books of my childhood featuring an interesting character named Hawk, and all of the daily happenings in his doggie life.

Vollenhals, a mother to three teenaged boys and California native, has roots in illustration and children’s art, starting out working as an art director for a “high end children’s furniture company.”

After relocating to Texas with her family, Vollenahals began creating art in  her home and selling them on Etsy.

Hawk, the star of her original paintings, is, as the artist describes, “very smart and friendly with other creatures that cross his path….and other dogs.” The scenes portrayed are completely creative and would make amazing gifts or additions to a child’s room. They would even make a great nursery theme, and the best part about it is that there are more adventures to come for Hawk.