The Tuxedo Bib & A Little Black Dress That Catches Spills

I have this thing with baby bibs – the traditional ones drive me crazy! Little half moon circles of fabric that tie around your child’s neck with a little string, just don’t cut it. Art smocks on the other hand – that is a whole different story. Covering the arms all the way down, these little shirt-like bibs are the only version you will find in our home.

The Tuxedo and Little Black Dress bib dress things up and are perfect for weddings, special occasions or every-day wear. The fabric is lightweight and water-resistant, easy to wipe clean. A Velcro closure in the back allows for easy on-and-offs while the large crumb pocket in the front helps to collection spills. The carrying pouch is perfect for storing the bib when you are finished and can be thrown into a diaper bag or purse.

Price: $15.00 each from SuPperSuit