Looking To Visit South America? Here Are 3 Jaw-Dropping Family Adventure Tours

Southern Explorations, a company known for specializing in unforgettable South America tours, suitable for families, has announced their 2011 lineup of adventure tours, and this year, they are offering three unique Central and South America family adventure trips. These family tours give parents and children a personal experience with the outdoor adventure, fascinating cultures, and natural beauty that Costa Rica, Panama, and Patagonia are known for.

The Costa Rica Tour For Families is specifically designed to captivate the imagination of the kids while providing parents with an opportunity to relax a bit.  Family friendly accommodations, as well as leisure activities and meals, transportation and transfers are short and effortless. Highlights from the tour include unique adventure activities such as family zip lining tours, close encounters with Costa Rica’s exotic wildlife. Prices start at $2510 per person, with year-round departures.

The Panama Family Adventure Tour is becoming more and more popular as a family travel destination, offering an ideal mix of deserted beaches, pristine rainforests, and fascinating wildlife. Because the country is small, most of the travel is done by boat giving travellers an exciting perspective. This tour gives families a personal tour of the Panama Canal and provide the opportunity to discover the tropical Soberania National Park, with accommodation at the family-friendly Gamboa Rainforest Resort, a truly family-friendly destination. The Panama tour is topped off by two idyllic days at Panama’s largest Pacific resort, famous for its white-sand beaches and many swimming pools. Prices start at $2,095 per person.

Patagonia Family Tour includes accommodations at notable estancias and lodges like Estancia La Tercera and provides families with access to Patagonia’s natural beauty. Highlights include the 935 square mile Chile’s Torres del Pain National Park, with their magnificent ocean-side settings and three different eco-systems. It has been called one of the most beautiful national parks in the world with a large area of turquoise lakes and stunning mountain vistas, a place to see flamingos and condors, to ride the pampas like a gaucho, and to walk forever on its 155 miles of well-marked trails.

The itinerary may be modified to fit individual needs and interests and active families can add more difficult activities if requested. Prices start at $3500 per person, for the 9 day tour with departures available November-March.