Robeez Debuts Their Organic Sock & Eco-Friendly Shoe Collection For Spring

Robeez, one of the top shoe companies for infants and children, has unveiled a new range of eco-friendly, organic shoes – just in time for Spring.  Designs like panda bears, dinosaurs and kangaroos bring nature to the toes of your tots, with organic canvas and recycled leather uppers, printed with water soluble ink. The eco-friendly, naturally tanned leather linings offer breathability and durable, naturally tanned suede soles help to prevent slipping.

Robeez has also brought in organic socks that come in prints that coordinate perfectly with the shoes. These playful socks feature a kick-proof father to ensure they don’t fall off, and are made from organic cotton.

Reasonably priced at $25.00 per pair, the shoes are a cheaper and more natural alternative to Robeezs’ leather soft soles. The socks retail for $10.50 for a set of 3.

Please visit Robeez for more info.