iCandy Peach Special Edition: A Sneak Peek Look At The UK Exclusive!

Funny how something so simple like say, a new stroller, can get my heart aflutter. ‘Tis the case with this beauty! iCandy will be releasing a Special Edition of their newly launched Peach stroller to customers in the U.K. Although it will not be available in America, we do have many British readers and wanted to update the lucky ducks on this new release. 🙂

The new iCandy Peach Special Edition features its own uniquely designed cotton rich fabrics and will be available in two designs: one that illustrates the iconic buildings from London and another featuring famous landmarks around the world. I am in love with the classic monotone colors (total black and white girl) sitting on a highly polished black chassis with coordinating black wheels. Oh, how I love the look of this stroller!

The iCandy Peach Special Edition will offer all of the practical features of the original Peach and comes as a complete package including stroller, carrycot, luxury superfleece footmuff, changing bag, parasol, parasol/cup holder clamp and rain covers. The special edition will be available ‘soon’ in 2011, while it’s sister the standard Peach has been released today in stores across America.

Be sure to visit iCandy UK for more information on the special edition or iCandy World for the Peach.