Review: Heelys Hx2 Shoes For Kids & Adults

Heelys have been popular for years, thanks to their unique style of “roller shoes”. If you aren’t familiar with Heelys, they are trainers that come with removable wheels which can be inserted in the heel of the shoe to transform them into walking skates. Just a couple of months ago, this company introduced a new product to their line – the Heelys Hx2 – a line that has already sold hundreds of thousands in Japan. The Hx2 shoes have two removable wheels, which make them easier for children who aren’t used to the whole wheel shoe idea. They have also increased the sizing so that teens and adults can take part in the fun as well.

A couple of months ago, I was sent pairs of both the adult and children versions of the Hx2 to test out and have been putting them to the test over the last couple of weeks. I received The Chazz skater style is surprisingly supportive. I wasn’t expecting them to be as comfortable as they were with the padded interior. They have become my go-to walking show actually (without the wheels inserted that is). Now moms (and dads), a little warning: these definitely have a learning curve to them! If you aren’t careful, you’ll go flying out the door. It is a whole new experience, ‘skating’ with rollers in your shoes!

We compared the single wheeled Heelys with the new X2 and the X2 are a much better choice for those who have never tried Heelys out before. They provide a more even ‘ride’ and help little ones pick up the art of ‘wheeling’ faster. The Hx2 come in a variety of different styles and can be purchased through Zappos.com.