iPad 2 Announcement, Release Date & Details On The Updates & Upgrades

Well, the day all of us Apple fans have been waiting for has arrived – information on the release of Apple’s new iPad 2. As you know we are big fans of the iPad and think it is a genius invention for everyone, including children. The apps are fabulous and the educational opportunities are virtually endless.

If you have been waiting for the iPad 2 to come out before purchasing your first tablet (as many people have) you are in luck as the upgrades are excellent. If you currently own one, chances are you’ll be 50/50 on the decision of upgrading as although they are great!

Without further adieu, here is what you can expect from the iPad 2:

  • iOS 4.3 is a new release that will allow iPads to transfer video through AirPlay to other devices, such an Apple TV. It will bring Nitro Javascript engine to Safari, and iTunes Home Sharing.
  • Video cameras- both a rear-facing and front-facing.
  • Photo Booth for iPad.
  • Facetime.
  • New A5 chip, dual-core processor will offer up to 2x faster CPU making it as fast as the new dual core android processor. Graphics are also 9x faster.
  • Black and white versions of the iPad available (no wait on the white).
  • 33 percent thinner/ 8.8 mm thin instead of current 13.4 mm will cut down the weight from 1.5 pounds to 1.3. THINNER than the iPhone 4.
  • iMovie for iPad, precision editor, multi-track audio, new themes. Video editing now available on a tablet, amazing!
  • Built in gyroscope.
  • Same 10 hour battery life as the current iPad.
  • iPad 2 will have built in magnets to work with their new “smart covers.”
  • Smart Covers automatically wake the iPad up from sleep when opened and sleeps when closed. Uses the magnets to auto-align cover. Also features a microfiber lining to clean the screen. Covers come in 5 polyeurethane colors and 5 leather colors.

When are they available? Shipping will begin in U.S. March 11 and then March 25 in 26 additional countries, including UK, Japan, Germany. Prices will range from $499 for16GB WIFI and$829 for 64GB with 3G.

As this information is literally ‘hot of the press’ Apple is currently updating their store. Once finished you should be able to pre-order the iPad 2 through their website.

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