LittleMissMatched Project Sock: Season 3 Is Underway!

Did you enter last year? If not, no worries! LittleMissMatched, the unique fashion and lifestyle brand that mismatches socks on purpose (genius for kids) has announced their Project Sock: Season 3. This fun design competition encourages everyone of the brand to ‘think outside the socks’ and evoke their inner designer, by designing a 3-pack of socks. The lucky winners’ creations will become part of the  LittleMissMatched Holiday 2011 collection. Contest runs until April 5th, 2011 at 6pm EST and is expected to be the biggest and boldest competition yet!

Everyone is encouraged to enter the competition, no restrictions! The only rule – you can’t design pairs or matching socks, they have be a 3 pair that are mismatched. Dare to be bold!

At the end of the competition, a panel of LittleMissMatched judges will select the top 24 standout designs, which will then be uploaded to an online voting gallery for the public to bid on their favorites. The winner will receive $1,000 cash prize, their design will be featured in an upcoming collection and the will also receive 5 pairs of their design.

Five additional winners will be selected to become part of the same collection and will $250 and 10 packs of their winning designs (one of the 5 finalists will be under 12 years of age!).

To download the design template, for more information, or to enter LittleMissMatched’s Project Sock: Season 3, please visit www.projectsock.com.