Gwyneth Paltrow Dishes On Kids’ Fashions, Styles & Her Favorite Brands

I have been an avid reader of GOOP since it first came out. The newsletter founded by Gwyneth Paltrow is filled with information, tips, recipes and all sorts of interesting info. I am a huge fan! Although it was released last week, I didn’t have a chance to read her latest edition “GET” until late last night, and imagine my surprise when I saw an entire edition dedicated to children’s fashions!

Giving us a peek at her favorite fashion brands and styles for children, Gwyneth proves that she knows a thing or two when it comes to kids’ fashions!

A few of our favorite brands are listed as well as some new ones we’ve just been introduced to:

Waddler (pictured above):

“Waddler’s cozy knits are made exclusively in Bolivia from local Alpaca wool. Their designs are not only warm and wearable but also incredibly cute. My favorite is their reversible Wolf & Bear Hooded Jumper, which can be worn gray or brown, with ears for dress up as a wolf or a bear.”

Busy Bees is a fairly new company,

“You can tell they know their kids; their ridiculously soft t-shirts are just the kind of thing my kids love to wear—clothes that are super comfortable and look good too.”

Jack & Salma

“I love these built-in-bib t-shirts by Jack & Salma.” “The totally genius animal ears make for a cute outfit and also work for the ever-present drool factor.”

Deluna Kids

“Deluna clothing is designed and made in the UK and inspired by founder Luca’s passion for travel and the gems she’s found along the way.” “I love the kimono dress and their swan dress is perfect for dress-up for a toddler.”


“Anna-Maria Montfort’s line of mittens for kids are designed and made in her hometown of Toronto. She came up with the design to stop her daughter from losing her mittens in the freezing Canadian weather. The mittens have a long knit sleeve that keeps them on and makes them extra soft inside.”

Other brands mentioned include: Zef, Sonsoles, Pili Carrera, Mi Primavera, Mudslinger, Sogoodnight, Bobochoses, Chakra Design Studio and more. To read the entire newsletter click here or visit GOOP to sign up for a free subscription!