Kind + Jugend 2010 Kids Fashion Show: Trends & Styles For 2011 (Video!)

Link: Master Modenschau Kind und Jugend 2010

If you were unable to attend the widely acclaimed Kind + Jugend trade show in Germany here is a first-hand look at their Fashion Show – Metropolitan Kids! In case you missed our previous post:

“To celebrate their 50th Anniversary, Kind + Jugend surprised attendees with a High Street and Kid’s Fashion Show that rocked the house! Headscarves, retro shades, gladiator sandals, polka dots and stripes = fabulousness at it’s finest.”

Featuring the best designers in the children’s fashion industry, this clip gives you an exclusive front row look at the latest designs. We realize that this is a little late, but couldn’t possibly keep it to ourselves. It’s just too good!

You can see some of the looks we already featured in previous posts, but many new ones that have yet to be seen.

C’est Chic!