NineToNine Brings Us The Deskhouse: The All-In-One Hideaway, Playhouse and Desk

Oh my lawd I am drooling over this desk! Designed by Alberto Marcos for ninetonine, a Spanish furniture and design company, the Deskhouse is probably the most unique playhouse/desk you will ever come across because quite frankly I don’t think there is anything else like it on the market!

Complete with a fireplace (to hold pencils, crayons and markers) this is not only the ideal drawing board but a place for kids to play house and hide out.

The small size measures  (L) 64cm (W) 77cm (Al) 73 cm and the company is said to be producing a larger version for those who want a ‘big house’.  Since it is made from oak and white melamine you are almost guaranteed to have a sturdy (and heavy) desk.

Price: € 195,00 from ninetonine