Etsy Find: Stunning Silk Brocade Baby Shoes With Satin Wraps

Why do babies get all the good stuff? These gorgeous ballerina-style shoes are handmade with a silk brocade fabric and then lined with warm eco-friendly felt. Thanks to the materials used, the shoe is very lightweight, soft and comfortable for baby’s feet. To top off the princess look, red satin ribbons wrap around the ankle and tie into a bow at the back.

The edging is all hand embroidered and you’ll notice a delicate jeweled golden brooch on the toe. Talk about luxurious! If red isn’t your color, these beautiful shoes also come in Ivory and gold, Deep gold with rich mauve accents and Soft muted green and gold.

The shoes are available in sizes from 0-3 months up to 18-21 months and retail for $24.95 from seller pink2blue.