Recaro Car Seats Combine Luxury Design With Race Track Safety

Have you ever heard of Recaro? I was completely oblivious to the brand until recently. Apparently they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of child safety seats, who has based luxury automotive interior design with popular style trends.

Recently Recaro announced the introduction of the Hanna and Envy fashions to their line-up. Combining rich warm colors with innovative design cues.

“Recaro’s current color palette was very much oriented around cooler colors and was designed to complement standard car interiors that were gray or black,” said Jonathan Sieber, director of Sales and Marketing at Recaro. “In keeping with trends in luxury car interiors, Recaro wanted to expand its line and create some additional options to complement popular warm interiors that feature dark chocolate brown, tan, and light brown trim.”

The Hanna design (pictured at the very top of this post) will be offered around Valentine’s Day and comes in a bright and bold raspberry pink. As a gender neutral option, Envy, combines green, tan and chocolate brown – also to be offered in mid-February.

Sieber says that the combination of performance and design is something that parents are looking for when they consider purchasing a seat. “Parents want to know that they are buying a seat that will protect their child. They also want to have options when it comes to color choices. With the introduction of the Hanna and Envy colorways, we have now extended the best of both worlds and they will provide safety and look great in any vehicle.”

Many parents are drawn to Recaro thanks to their reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of competitive racing seats. Their child seats take design cues from theses seats, which are designed to protect drivers at extreme speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour. In addition, the car seats incorporate high quality fabrics in sophisticated colors and understated texture, such as the tan accent fabric used in the two new fashions.