GeoPalz: The First Decorative Foot Pedometer For Kids

GeoPalz has just welcomed two new water-resistant foot pedometers to their line-up! The original GeoPalz is meant to be worn on the waistband, while the new foot pedometer can be worn on a child’s shoe. The pedometer’s face comes in various kid-friendly designs that flip open to reveal a digital tracking display, which can be modified to toggle between displaying the time of day or amount of steps taken.

A smaller wireless version can be read by a separate wireless reader, making it suitable for families who wish to track more than one member of their family (can connect to 20 separate pedometers). It is also great for gym teachers or youth athletic coaches

The new GeoPalz line-up is targeted at families with kids ages 5 and up. The company encourages children to “walk to win” by measuring children’s steps which can later be entered in the online GeoPalz community to redeem prizes, awards and gift cards. On average, users collectively track about 1 million steps per day.

Prices range from $19.99 to $24.99 and can be purchased through over 250 retailers nationwide or through GeoPalz website.