Super Bowl Recipes: Family Friendly Favorites For The Big Day!

Tomorrow the Steelers and the Packers will compete in the biggest football (and arguably the biggest sports game) of the season, but what is a Super Bowl without great food? We’ve rounded up some of the best Super Bowl recipes, many of which are family friendly, easy to make and a few healthy choices thrown in for good measure. Many children love to cook and when there is a special occasion or holiday, helping in the kitchen is even more thrilling!

Some of these meals you can make the night before or you can always start early and prepare some of the snacks in the morning so you don’t have as much to make later on.

Pumpkin Chili and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (pictured above) offers hearty warmth and stick-to-your-ribs goodness.

And mini Football Subs are a fun, creative and easy way to add a bit of originality to your menu.