Sena Cases: Luxurious Leather Phone Cases Bring Fashionable Functionality

As a mom who is always ‘connected’ in some way, I carry my phone with me everywhere! Early last year, I made the switch from Blackberry to iPhone after my Blackberry decided to conk out on me. As I was eligible for the ‘free case program’ Apple had going on at the time, I received a new hard case from Speck. Unfortunately, the case broke after the first month of usage which was a shame as I was quite taken by the design.

I’ve been a fan of Sena Cases for the last 2 years thanks to the incredible workmanship and quality of products. My previous Magnet Flipper Case held up strong and ultimately outlasted my Blackberry. When I received Sena’s new Wallet Book case, I fell in love for many different reasons. First of all, I’m terrible at carrying a purse. My wallet is huge and too bulky to carry everywhere so I’m usually cashless, other than my debit card (which I have replaced twice, thanks to storing it in my pocket all the time).

The Wallet Book ($52) is fabulous for busy moms because you can store a credit card, ID and a few business cards on the opposite side. The entire case closes securely with a snap closure on the side. For quick trips out of town or when shopping, my Wallet Book is the only thing I bring with me now.

I will mention that if you play certain games on your iPhone, you’ll want to remove the phone from it’s case. There is a leather border that surrounds your phone and when you play games like Angry Birds or BeJeweled, you’ll notice that you won’t be able to ‘swipe’ as fast or as efficiently due to the border blocking that extra corner of your phone. Again, the only people who will notice this are those who are hopelessly addicted to those games (like myself). Removing the phone from its case is not a big deal for me as it’s perks outweigh this small annoyance.

If you are looking for a case that multi-tasks, I highly recommend the Wallet Book!

From February 2, through February 14th, Sena is offering free engraving on any case purchase. Use discount code VALE11 upon check out.

*Thank you to Sena Cases for sending us the Wallet Book for review!*