Far and Away Adventures Offers Luxurious Wilderness Whitewater Rafting For Families

Since 1980, Far and Away Adventures has been sharing the excitement of paddling with guests and families interested in learning and experiencing the wonders of nature. It can simply be described as a universe where luxury and wilderness blend marvelously together!

Family river rafting charters have been turned into thumbs up experiences, thanks to the years of feedback and response Far and Away Adventures has implemented into their programs. In addition, ‘Enviro-tainment’ including crafts, games and river tales immerse and empower natural experiences for youngsters increasing their passion for adventure.

“I feel that kids, especially the youngsters age 4 to 8, learn best in a setting where they’re actively engaged in something they enjoy doing. We lace the fun of being outside, by the river, maybe snorkeling in the river with the educational part. What animals do we find in the river? Why is this bird making a certain sound? What will this stonefly look like when it grows up and how will it feed the fish?” owner, Mathew Gershater explained.

Older children, are given the opportunity to learn how to administer first aid in the wilderness and technical aspects of being outdoors, like how to read the weather or the flow of a river.

Far and Away Adventures offers the world’s most luxurious wilderness whitewater rafting on Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon and the Wild and Scenic Bruneau, in a fully sustainable and organic manner. Even their meals are leave-no-trace ethic and gourmet – 95 percent organic from locally sourced foods.

For a detailed itinerary on this and other programs, please contact Far and Away Adventures; toll free 800-232-8588 or visit the web site http://www.far-away.com/.