Disney Dream Cruise Ship: The Christening Event

On Wednesday morning, after picking up our packed breakfast of a muffin, cheese, yogurt and fruit (courtesy of Disney), we made our way onto the Disney Cruise Line Bus, our transportation to Port Canaveral. The journey took approximately 90 minutes and rained partially. Florida is a funny state weather wise. It can be pouring at the Orlando Airport one minute, while at Disney World, the skies are bright and the sun is shining, so I wasn’t particularly worried.

Sure enough, the rain didn’t last long and before we knew it, we had arrived at Port Canaveral. By now, the excitement was really starting to build! We all made our rounds through security and were then greeted with cold refreshments before our walk down the red carpet. Seeing the multitude of people, the huge screen and of course, the ship itself was a surreal moment. You could feel and see the excitement building among all the people around.

Because it was quite crowded (and very hot), we decided to sit in the first seats we could find, which happened to be on the far bottom right side of the bleachers. No, we weren’t going to have the greatest view, but with a stroller and two little ones it was going to have to do. The Christening was about to start in 30 minutes and I had been preoccupied looking around, when my husband’s urgent tap on my shoulder and, “Let’s Go!” startled me. Apparently, one of the organizers of the event, was moving us to a better location, but not just any location – The Front Row!

Surprised? Excited? Most definitely! Here we were, my husband, myself and our two daughters sitting next to, and in front of, the people responsible for dreaming up this ship, building it and making the vision a reality!

Robert A. Iger, the CEO and president of The Walt Disney Company took to the stage with some special words welcoming everyone before the stage was overtaken by a “Glee” like musical and dance performance. The production portrayed how dreams do come true, showing clips of Walt Disney himself.

Pirates of the Caribbean took the stage next putting on a smoke filled and action packed performance.

Another broadway musical commenced.

Mickey then explained how the huge champagne bottle wasn’t quite ready and had to be filled with dreams first. Who better to do this then the princesses of course! In another musical number, dreams and best wishes were bestowed upon the ship, gearing everyone for the finale.

In a final flag parade, a marching band performed while flags waved in respect for all of the different countries, which the employees of the ship originated.

Tom Staggs, the chairman of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, took to the stage, summoning the Fairy Godmother to work her magic and bring forth the Godmother of the ship.

With a “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo”, and a wave of her wand, the Fairy Godmother brought forth, Jennifer Hudson.

What you may or may not already know is that Jennifer began her career as a performing artist on the Disney Wonder, before appearing on American Idol. Disney Cruise Lines were the first ones who gave her a chance and for her, they were a dream come true! Her story is somewhat of a fairy-tale in that aspect.

Prayers were said by a clergyman, blessing the ship and all who sailed on her and then, for the moment everyone was waiting for. A helicopter picked up the huge champagne bottle, carrying it over to the ship where it popped sprinkling confetti everywhere, just in time for the fireworks to unleash and fill the sky with wonder.

You can read Part 1 of our trip here. Stay tuned for Part 3 and 4!

*Disclosure: Disney Cruise Lines invited me and my family to Florida for this event. All of my expenses and accommodations were paid by them. All thoughts and opinions voiced here are 100% my own. *

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