Passport Covers For Kids: 5 Fabulous and Affordable Cases For Your Little Jet Setter

My husband and I recently renewed our passports and as soon as they arrived, my daughter took a peek at our pictures and grasped the passport with her greasy fingers. It was then that I decided, we needed passport covers. Another nice thing about these little cases is that each member of the family has their own personalized ‘book’ so to speak, you always know which passport belongs to whom.

Although there are many different covers for adults (designer, leather, vinyl, fabric, monogrammed, etc), it was quite difficult to find classy covers (that weren’t covered in tacky cartoons) for kids. After searching high and low, I came across 5, that are just darling!

The cover pictured above comes in 5 different colors and has a simple airplane logo on the front. There is an interior pocket that conveniently holds tickets and stubs. When its time to board the plane there is nothing more frustrating then trying to get everyone’s tickets and passports organized while juggling your kids!

The best thing about this case is the price. At $5.69 each, they are a steal!

Design-wise, these are my favorite! Noei on Etsy, hand makes these covers ($18) out of Japanese cotton/linen blend fabrics with rare and hard-to-find prints such as the Alice in Wonderland one above. Thanks to it’s size, the case will fit two passports (if you are traveling with just yourself and a baby), and has been tested for size with Japanese, Canadian, American and Italian passports.

Made out of thick, 12 guage vinyl, these covers are durable and slim enough to slide through the machine at customs (you don’t have to remove the case beforehand). They do fit US passports but unfortunately, they won’t fit Canadian ones. Priced at $5 each, these are definitely in the affordable category, and they come in a very wide range of colors and designs.

If you are just looking for something plain and simple, the leather Belle Hop covers are your best bet. They are available in 4 colors and ‘PASSPORT’ is embossed on the front. Price: $15.29 from eBags.

The embroidered silk Baby Jet Setter Passport Cover ($9.99) is vibrant and whimsical. It is made from 100% silk definitely not ‘spill proof’. Measures: 5.75″ x 4″ and comes in pink and blue.

A mom to two girls and a baby boy, a writer and the publisher of Child Mode. As a lover of style and fashion, Nadia found her ‘niche’ and love of children’s clothing while searching for quality items for her family.


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