Up On The Housetop: Google’s New Surprising Interactive Holiday Card

“Up on the housetop, click, click, click!” Yes, it is one children’s most favourite tunes, but Google has integrated the lyrics into their new logo that has 17 interactive images to explore – all inspired by different countries.

The design took five artists around 250 hours to complete and will be opened by hundreds of millions of people (you included). The Wall Street Journal reported that although doodles appear throughout the year to commemorate holidays, pop-culture touchstones, civic milestones and scientific achievements, this particular doodle will be Google’s most ambitious one yet, remaining on their site for 2 1/2 days.

The first group  of images consist of Acropolis, Buch de Noel and St. Basil’s Cathedral. The second: Mt. Fuji, Great Wall of China, pierogi and Indian dance styles. The third group has images of the Sydney harbor, Sahara desert, Oud and Chili Pepper. The fifth consists of Chilean vineyards, Venice gondolas Nepal and African kanga. The very last pays ode to the “Up on the housetop” song and the Moroccan Henna lamp.

Check out the card when you have a minute, these images and the stories that go along with them are wonderfully educational for children. And in honor of “Up on the housetop” I thought I would share this song from none other than Alvin and the Chipmunks. It has been on repeat since November, so I just thought I would share the love.

Oh, you are so welcome! 😉