iGift Thanks: The Perfect App For All Occasions

Oh, the headaches, paper cuts, stamps and access paper this app would have saved me by now, had it been around a earlier!

iGift Thanks is a brilliant new app that is designed to make every holiday less stressful, by helping you send virtual photo thank you notes through your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.

Released on Tuesday (December 21), this eco-friendly, paperless solution to thank you cards, comes preloaded with card designs for multiple occasions, including birthdays and anniversaries and includes both “thank you” and “gracias” designs. I don’t know about you, but when a product is the design and brainchild of a mom, I know it has to be good. They ‘get it’ and know how to make our lives easier, because, well, they have lived it and continue to live it! As moms and social media mavens, Ciaran Blumenfeld and Ana Roca Castro are the masterminds behind this fabulous app.

With the lack of time and forgetfulness us moms (and dads) tend to experience on a daily (and hourly) basis, this is nothing short of a life saver. Thank you notes are a nightmare for any frazzled parent! Before I had children, my Christmas cards were signed, sealed and stamped by November 30th. Fast forward 4 years later and I just sent out my last 3 holiday cards today!

iGiftThanks allows you to use your camera to keep track of all the presents you have received during multiple occasions, holidays and celebrations. Users can tag their photos with the gift giver and item name and then decorate the picture, by turning it into a custom crafted thank you note. With a touch, the cards can be instantly shared by email, text or posted to Facebook and Twitter.

Brilliant? Yes, I think so too!

iGift Thanks is currently available on the App store, just in time for the holidays. I’ve already used it twice, sending thank you notes to my friends in Europe, saving myself $4.00 in postage alone. It costs only $1.99, less than the average single greeting card.