Rubbish Magazine Takes Kids Style Inspiration From Lady Gaga

Rubbish Magazine has paid homage to Lady Gaga, with a very quirky and interesting children’s fashion photo shoot that can be found in their 2.5 issue. The shoot was done by award-winning, Berlin based photographer Jan von Holleben. The concept behind the shoot was to get kids to recreate Lady Gaga‘s most iconic looks using their fancy dress drawers. There are no specific clothes credits for this shoot. The editorial was written by Jessie Brinton from the Sunday Times Style.

Jessica “Wears a teapot, a crumbsweeper, a folded tablecloth on top, stripy socks and a blue dinner plate! She is perfectly colour coordinated.”

Joyce “Wears 2 blue Chinese paperlamps, a bungee cord, a blue t-shirt from the photographer, blue string and cleaning cloths as accessories. She knows the seductive Gaga-look.”

The magazine is available to buy from www.rubbishmagshop.com and is priced at £9.99 or 12.00 EUR.

What do you think of these looks?

Photos courtesy of Rubbish.